Final Fantasy X's Lulu Speaks. An Interview With Voice Actress Paula Tiso

"TGL caught up with voice actress Paula Tiso to talk about her voice role as Lulu on Final Fantasy X."

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DA_SHREDDER2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

FFX is so amazing that even the non-main characters in the game had an emotional impact on its audience. It was like every conversation, big or small, between the characters I remember like the back of my hand. Like when Lulu talked about how Waka's brother was so amazing, but then he died, and it was like Waka never could live up to her expectations. Crazy insane story about Sin, Yuna's sacrifce, how bad ass Auron was, I loved it. I wish there was a real sequel to FFX, but i guess FFX was so good that even a sequel couldn't live up to all the fans expectations?