GameStop Giving $50 Gift Cards in Light of Deus Ex Fiasco

It has been reported that GameStop will be providing $50 gift cards as well as a Buy 2 Get 1 Free coupon to all customers affected by their removal of OnLive codes from the PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.


An anonymous source at GameStop has confirmed the rumor. Bring an approved receipt and you will receive a $50 gift card and the Buy 2 Get 1 Free coupon.

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decimalator2586d ago

What about those of us that didn't buy it because they were deeply traumatized by Gamestop's betrayal? Wow, that almost sounded sincere.

Sev2586d ago

Stop shopping at GameStop, duh!

SilentNegotiator2585d ago

We have them apologizing for removing advertisement from a

insertcoin2586d ago

Wow, that's surprising of Gamestop, of all companies, to do something like this. Wouldn't it be cheaper just to give us the OnLive codes? Well, whatever, I'm not going to complain about free money.

T3mpr1x2586d ago

It would be cheaper, but then GameStop now owns a competitor to OnLive...

haymoza2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )

The money they bleed from this will be a fraction of the prices they've slammed people with over the years. Serves them the fu** right.

radphil2586d ago

You do realize they didn't have to do jack diddley squad. :p

Pro_TactX2586d ago

If they did nothing then the negative PR could have hurt their bottom line. Doing nothing could also have hurt their position in a potential class-action lawsuit. Don't pretend that they didn't have to do anything.

radphil2586d ago (Edited 2586d ago )


Pretend? There was no known laws broken on this end, so again, they didn't HAVE to do anything.

Queasy2586d ago

The good thing for GameStop over this is that they are likely only out about $500...

StarWolf2586d ago

lol like 10 people will know about this

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The story is too old to be commented.