The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - PAX 2011 - Xbox 360 Trailer

Skyrim's Director Todd Howard talks about dragons, world, graphics and little details of Skyrim in this new video specifically for Xbox 360 released from PAX Prime 2011!

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Wizziokid2666d ago

what about the ps3 version? hope it's the same quality guys

WhiteLightning2666d ago

This is what I would like to know

I want to know if they are actually going to support the PS3 version the same as the 360.

To keep on saying that both versions are the same only to keep showing us 360 footage is making me want to buy it on the 360 instead. I know the 360 is better for Demo's but if you really want to assure the PS3 owners out there that they are both the same quality then they would at least work towards getting some PS3 footage out there, unless they know the build they have now will put people off.

Wizziokid2666d ago

agreed, but in this case I don't think we will see much PS3 footage since MS have already put money there way for 'timed-exclusive' dlc.

I'll still be getting it for ps3 though

StanLee2666d ago

@ WhiteLightning

Well, the same arguments were made a week ago for XBox 360 footage of Battlefield 3 and PS3 fanboys decried it saying it serve Microsoft right for being in bed with Activision. The fact is, aligning yourself with 1 console when you're a multiplatform title hurts the entire fanbase.

Ser2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )


Off topic. No one is talking about fanboys or Battlefield 3 at the moment. Stop trying to cause a flame war.

On topic: I'm sure both versions will be equal. I have faith in Bethesda to not screw us PS3 owners over.

RedDead2666d ago

The Ps3 version of Oblivion was years above the 360 version. Don't expect them to piss on it for no reason. The chose 360 as lead platform because it's the easiest and quickest to dev for and they can set a standard to meet for Ps3. The Pc version gets the upgrades.

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ThrazN72666d ago

It's going to be the same great game. But their will be some differences on graphics side of things for ps3 past Bethesda games had horrible framerate and aa On the ps3

Morbius4202666d ago

I don't remember the framerate for the 360 being stellar either. I remember having to clear the cache often. I can imagine the PC runs best.

kingdoms2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

This is the 3rd article I'v been in where you've never even mentioned the topic only posting off topic comments of you crying over the PS3 version of games.

On topic...

It looks like the graphics have made huge leaps.


The PS3 version had an updated engine that came out over a year after the 360 build. The 360 got some DLC with the new engine build that matched the PS3 version. Later the devs updated the 360 retail game version with the improvements of the new engine at the time. PS3 fanboys always misleading.

MidnytRain2666d ago

I like how modest he is without sounding fake.

RufustheKing2666d ago

ahh i wanted the gamplay trailer from games con. :(

yamzilla2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

I love how right as he's talking about "harnessing the power of the 360" at 1:41 sec in, the game is running at like 15 frames per second in the

I swear!

Show pc footage!!!

I want to see the best the game has to offer, I don't want to see the lowest quality possible, even the ps3 version should be better than the 360 version, but the pc version is the one that will be truely stunning, show that one!!

You know they did not even want to put skyrim on this gen of consoles right??

They had no choice because the pc version and all the assests were almost done and still no new consoles, so they just GIMPED the game down to sub-hd, lowered all the textures in half and crammed it onto those 6 year old consoles!

Dovahkiin2666d ago

That's the quality of the video, not the gameplay. If you'd been keeping up to date with this game at all you'd have seen that footage already and wouldn't be saying that.

You know that the PC version will be stunning, so keep to yourself.

DeadIIIRed2666d ago

They don't show PC footage because no one will buy the PC version. They are aware that their money will be made on PS3 and Xbox.

TheGameMan2666d ago

yeah they won't


The pc version will sell incredibly well, and the console versions do look much worse than what the pc version will look like.

they don't the pc version of games most times lately as people will bitch when they get the game for console and it looks nothing like the gameplay they saw of the pc version!

Morbius4202666d ago

I didn't know about the gimping...thanx and +1 bubble for the info.

Redgehammer2666d ago enough thumbs...

That looks great. I am sure the PS3 version will look great too, for all of you Ps3 fans.

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