BF3's Battlelog Website online again, Beta coming soon?

DICE and EA are preparing for the upcoming BF3 Beta launch in September. The Battlelog went offline just at the end of the Alpha Trial and today the Site popped up again showing a Message that Battlelog will be back in “September”. No exact Date has been given, but just seeing the Site reappear is a good sign that the Beta will start very soon.

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GasTankKiller2615d ago

I can't wait for the beta to start.

xX-Jak-Xx2614d ago

September 1st ^^ i hope

leogets2614d ago

i hope so too but highly unlikely.something woulda been said already if it was that close. im thinkin mid september

Smelly1sam2614d ago

I just want to fly my jet around blowing up every building know to man and then fly into some sniper to make them stop camping!

Frenza2613d ago

What do you mean by "make a sniper stop camping"? The snipers job is to observe. Not run and gun.

Smelly1sam2613d ago

To a point if your at a spot the whole match it gets annoying but if a sniper moves to different locations to get a different point of view then hiding the whole time then that's a good sniper not peak a boo sniper.