Is CS:GO Cross-Platform Play Coming to Xbox 360?

VGW: Did Valve just subtly drop the bomb that Steam will be coming to Microsoft’s console as well, or possible the Vita or Wii U?

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k2d2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

Probably not, same as Portal 2.

StanLee2670d ago

The updated graphics are a step in the right direction but the maps look barren and flat.

Persistantthug2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

Steam is MS's competitor (GFWL).

Letting Steam on there, would signal a defeat for GFWL, and would also signal that Microsoft's stronghold on Windows is dwindling.
I mean, Windows is already slowly dwindling, but it would show major weakness to admit it.

MS will never allow that.

Edit in...what we will see is probably a more deliberate merger of GFWL and XBOX 360-XBOX LIVE and/or XBOX 3.

maniacmayhem2670d ago

Didnt MS already proclaim GFWL a failure. I thought there was an article out there saying MS. Is dropping it.

jdfoster2670d ago

Simple answer for you. No.

Will never happen.

2669d ago
lochdoun2670d ago

They're probably in negociations, it's in Valve's best interests to make it happen.

da305kratos2670d ago

why valves best interest? if anything, its in microsofts best interest i would say, they are the ones missing out on sales opportunities here by closing its system to valve...

evrfighter2670d ago

itll be in M$'s best interest to make it happen. if ps3 starts having better features than xbl the value of it as a paid service goes down

2669d ago
Wizziokid2670d ago


not unless MS free up some restrictions on live which I've already said will likely not happen now, it's too late in the consoles life cycle to even bother. they will probably have a more open service next gen though.

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2670d ago

Valve and sony have a really good relationship hence the cross platform play in Portal 2 for ps3 and not xbox so my guess would be No.

da305kratos2670d ago

i wouldnt say good relationship, but yes, sonys view of their online platform is more in vision with valve which allowed for the growth of this integration of steamworks on the ps3

Queasy2670d ago

Yes, but Valve clearly says consoleS in it's release of the new trailer. Clearly CS:GO cross-platform play is going beyond the PS3, PC and Mac. The questions is...where?

Ju2670d ago

Where does it specifically say "Crossplatform" and "Consoles" in that context. It said the game is coming for PC, Mac and "ConsoleS". But that doesn't imply cross platform play, since that was very specifically pointed out to be PC, Mac and PS3.

morganfell2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

This article is from videogamewriters rather than videogamethinkers.

At 36 seconds into the announcement trailer it says Crossplatform play. That's it. It doesn't mention platforms or consoles.

Considering Gabe Newell's recent remarks that Sony needs to be rewarded:


then this:

it's obvious this is a PS3/PC or PS3/Vita/PC crossplatform game.

Queasy2670d ago

@morganfell: This is the line from Valve concerning cross-platform play.

"CS: GO promises to expand on CS’ award-winning gameplay and deliver it to gamers on the PC as well as the next gen **consoleS** and the Mac.”

Clearly that means more than just PS3 and Valve is obviously in talks with Microsoft about the Xbox 360 as is several free-to-play developers about opening up Xbox LIVE. Of course, that could also mean the Wii U or PS Vita as mentioned in the article.

MeanOldman2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

quesy dude you didnt read it right. no place does it say crossplatform is coming to consoles. lombardi said what you quoted. yeah cs go mp or sp and mp is coming to xbox and ps3 and pc and mac. but he didnt say crossplatform is coming to consoles as in plural consoleS with a big S the way you wrote it. nice try but you are just makin crap up to feel better. crossplat is for pc ps3 an maybe vita.

Queasy2670d ago

@MeanOldMan: To feel better for what? I own every game console and a gaming PC. It's no skin off my nose if cross-platform play comes to the Xbox 360 or not.

Shaner_Bock2669d ago

You get a bubble(doesn't that sound ridiculous?)!

I'm glad that someone can comprehend what was written and the context in which it was written. The official press release from Valve(which was used in this article) says absolutely nothing about cross-platform play.


Now I do realize that the announcement video does mention cross-platform play, but it gives no details.

You can also read the Kotaku hands on impressions which includes mention of PS3-PC-Mac cross-platform play.

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