Deus Ex: Human Revolution – 5 Tips For Assault

Now that you have picked up Deus Ex and picked your playstyle of choice, it’s time to give you some tips as to how you can survive as an assault player in the world of Human Revolution. Believe it or not, assault is not the easiest way to go in Human Revolution. Death comes quickly for those who aren’t well prepared. So here are some tips to prolong your life while playing as an assault character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

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himdeel2665d ago

This game is just too awesome. I haven't gotten to a boss fight yet. I'm having too much fun with side missions and sneaking around.

SizzlingChaz2665d ago

No offense but I don't think people read this article to be told how to suck eggs. Basic gameplay tips...take cover, upgrade preferable weapon and armor. Was looking for something a little more constructive.

BigBoss072665d ago

I kind of agree. he had good points, but they're are some giants ones he missed. He should have mentioned that enemies react to where you last shot from. This opens up a lot of opportunities for distractions, flanking, CQC, etc.

josephps32665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

These are tips? they're worthless. I thought there would be real hints and tactics but these are like:

1)Shoot Back. When you are shot at be sure to shoot back right away as getting shot is not healthy and you will die.

2)Don't forget Augmentation. In case you're dumb as a tree and needed a reminder that you can augment your health and armor in a game that based on augmentation.

3)Some weapons do more damage than others and if you upgrade them they do even more damage. So use your rocket launcher when you have to and don't forget your shotgun.

4)Try to shoot the bad guy that looks dangerous first. Because they will hurt you more than a guy that's just holding a pistol. So yeah kill the bazooka wielding guy first because bazooka is more ouch than pistol.

5)Use Stealth and hack and shoot when you have to. Don't forget this is a game where you can do that so do that. So yeah don't forget to do all of that because incase you didn't know you can do that.