Gabe Newell: PS3 Owners To See The Benefits of Steamworks Integration In September

GB: "Gabe Newell had a lot to say about the PS3 version of Portal 2. For starters, we know he is happy that Sony allowed Valve to use Steamworks with PS3, which is a big deal since consoles are supposed to be closed platforms."

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zeal0us2641d ago

sadly thx m$ being too d*** strict I won't experience the benefit of steam....well there's always my pc

jdfoster2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

Buy a ps3 then? I can't believe you don't have one tbh... With the price cut and games coming out etc... If you're a 'hardcore' gamer you will have every platform. In short... Want to experience the benefit of steam? Play you'r games on pc through steam or get a ps3

zeal0us2641d ago

College can't pay for itself sadly.

jdfoster2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

College is free if I'm not mistaken? (from the UK) (In the UK anyway) ... @Zeal0us

BeOneWithTheGun2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

In the states college is about 20 to 100 grand a year, depending on what school you go to.

Edit: thats just tuition. Books, food, boarding extra

Leio2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

20-100 grands ? that sucks, here In Sweden we get 500$ monthly for studying with options to borrow 900$ for food :)

Biggest2641d ago

It's "free" in Cali as well. Sucks that you don't have enough extra for a PS3 though.

Persistantthug2641d ago

JUNIOR COLLEGE can be free (fee waiver).

But there isn't an automatic free college in California.

Nitrowolf22641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

Looks like i'm moving to the UK
college Fee's and Tuition is killing my wallet

Biggest2641d ago

I used "free" instead of free because I consider the price of a dinner at Chili's to be pretty cheap for a college education. Ignoring the books and other fees means that at least the community colleges are around $20-$26 per unit. But you are right. They aren't free.

baker_boi2641d ago

Well believe it or not most folks don't buy both consoles. They just dont do it.

And Im talkin about the majority not the gamers who buy both consoles all the time.

Like myself, I only have a PS3 and dont plan on buying a 360, but that doesnt mean I'll prolly never get one, just not any time soon.

Every body's gaming situation is different so you just gotta roll with whatcha got.

SephirothX212641d ago

College is only free to people who get a grant and those people are from poor backgrounds. I live in Ireland and college fee are around €8000 a year.

On topic, I'm excited to see where the steam PS3 integration goes. This is only possible with an open console such as PS3.

WhittO2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

I don't have both consoles and the main reason is the cost of games.

I can afford the console itself, just not all the games that go with it lol.

Like my priority goes towards Uncharted 3 & Resistance etc, I'd like to have a 360 and play Gears 3 and the Halos but just can't afford them all :(

It's the reason I won't be getting Vita lol, until I get a good job anyway...

BattleAxe2641d ago


nycredude2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

If you spent more time studying instead of playing xbox 360, maybe you would have gotten a scholarship and that would enable you to buy a Ps3. j/k

Seriously this is a great feature to have. Don't know why every game doesn't ave cross platform play.

barom2640d ago


20-100 grand a year is a little bit overstatement i think. Yeah sure, private schools can go high but even prestiges ones like USC and Stanford are at around 50-60k. Never a 100k (although I'm not gonna deny the possibility). I personally go to UCSD and tuition fee is at around 14k and that's a raise up from last year which was around 12.5k.

So if you say 20-100k you are probably looking at food and books and etc (which is estimated to be around 30k for me including living costs).

DanSolo2640d ago

I think when he says college he means Uni... and they are definitely not free in the UK!

The A-level colleges that you can go to directly from school are free for school leavers, but to go to Uni and do a degree I believe you are looking at roughly £9000 per year (not exactly sure) to go...

brandonb212640d ago

you forgot the beer money to.

Bonobo123452640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

US collage and UK Uni are the biggest scams in existence.

Promising jobs that aren't there and over educating students to the point where they are just a mess of facts and useless in real business environments.

I sell books for a small business and have plenty of ideas to make money, I worked here straight after collage (free in the UK like junior collage in US). I get lots of chaps that come straight out of Uni with a degree and a stunning CV and they ask for work here! there is no jobs for most uni graduates, Businesses prefer experience! I have the job these graduates ask for and I have LOADS of money saved up in my account while these guys are looking for work and are £9000+ in debt!

Not going to Uni was the best decision I ever made. My advice, get an Apprenticeship or start work at a small business, work your way from there. Get your foot in the door then you will be laughing when all your old classmates come out of uni or collage with massive debt and no work, I certainly am.....

arjman2640d ago

It's not free in the UK jdfoster, by college he means their equivalent of University and it costs (in the next year or so) £9000 a year not including food and accommodation...

Disccordia2640d ago

Yes but you only pay it back if you earn 20k a year and in instalments of £20 a month. I would say that's practically free!


@zealout - "college can pay for it self"

But yet in your comment history you say that you are getting the MGS collection and many more games.

zeal0us + 35d ago
Great deal if you like MGS series, which I do.
One of the many games I plan on buying.

Your going to college but your mom still has to approve you getting M rated games...WTF
10 things about skyrim that might suck

-10) my mom won't allow me to get the game due to an M rating : (
-9) another dumb*** FoxNews "fair" review
-8)Fox turn something smalls as seeing a sideboob and blowing it out of proportion.
7-2) More Fox news/ half-*** reviews
1) Don't have the money to buy the game due to other expenses. #1.3
36d ago by zeal0us | View comment

"I won't experience the benefit of steam"

Your experience is already going to be awful on steam because you have dial up internet

I still live in a area where dial up is the only thing available. CenturyLink to stubborn to give me internet b/c my house isn't within three miles of their only base in aurora,nc. Thank you CenturyLink.

bots would be good for me #2
15d ago by zeal0us | View comment

Your comment only had one intention and I hope the mods remove it.

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Istanbull2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

Steam... ONLY ON PS3

and pc

God I love PC/PS3 combination

btw, I see Valve congratulating and prasing Sony a lot lately! Hopefully they will reward PS3 owners with great things in the future!

ShoryukenII2641d ago

Now we see how quickly Valve's opinion can change. I just hope they don't start hating Sony again. >_>

DeadIIIRed2641d ago

Right? Every time I hear Gabe Newell and PS3 in the same sentence, I'm reminded of his remarks back in 2007

showtimefolks2641d ago

with LFD 1-2 on the same disk or a separate bluray????with all the dlc

valve sees what sony has to offer now and likes it and that's great for us the gamers

miyamoto2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Hey don't forget the Mac!

PlayStation+PC+Mac....soon Android and iOS!

Bladesfist2640d ago

Dont you mean ONLY ON PC
and select ps3 games?

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subtenko2641d ago

To hardcore xbox only owners...why you mad? Get a ps3 if you want more open support for things. I remember people getting mad over Unreal Tournament 3 on ps3 having mod support and xbox360 not having it. I was like "well, just get if for ps3 if your pc cant run it as smooth."

If not, then there is no need to be upset since this is already whats to be expected. It's like be being pissed my xbox360 doesn't play blu-ray...well duh they don't support that :/

Agree or Disagree if you Agree

Klaykid1232641d ago

Hey retard, I see you and other people ALWAYS saying,

"Agree or Disagree if you Agree". That makes ZERO sense. You can't disagree if you agree. Next time just say Agree or Disagree with what I say.

eclectified2641d ago

I think they do it on purpose. Kinda like saying those who hit disagree do so because the truth hurts or they're hating. If you look at it with that frame of mind, it makes sense. Still douchey, but what can ya do.

On topic, I ended up getting portal 2 on xbox cause PSN was down at the time. I guess ill check out steamworks with the next supported game that comes out.

Bonobo123452640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

@ above

Lol it's only subtenko that does this I think,
People are gradually beginning to accept it....

phinch2641d ago

@JDfoster, there college is the quivilant of our Universities

Bolts2641d ago

College is only free if you're black. If you're white or god forbid, Asian, you're pretty much fucked. Prepare to destroy your parents life savings or finish school under a mountain of debt that won't be paid off until your 40s.

starchild2640d ago

Yeah, Microsoft should be more open to stuff like this. As far as I can tell it would be a win-win situation for everybody involved.

I don't really care on a personal level because I play all of my multiplats on the PC (especially any Valve game), but for those on the 360 it would be nice if Microsoft allowed Steamworks.

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-Alpha2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

I'm so happy. Not only do we get Steam but cross play WITH KBM support (and Move)

It'd be awesome if the game kept track of PC/console player stats for some good ole' bragging rights.

You can really see that Valve wants to explore console gaming while retaining some of the freedoms/benefits of PC Gaming without having to "consolize" the experience.

ReservoirDog3162641d ago

Wait, there's move support or did I understand you wrong?

Pacman3212641d ago

Yes there is move support :-)

UltimateIdiot9112641d ago

Move and Keyboard/Mouse. Does it get any better than that? YES! Crossplay with PC gamers.

Why o why2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

sweet. theres pros and cons to both ms's and sonys approach to their openness. This is definitely a plus for sony and their customers

GoldenPheasant2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

Counter Strike w/ Sharpshooter! *mind blown*

edit: albeit still a bit bitter about Portal 2 not having Move support.

starcb262641d ago

Portal would be even better with move support.