Battlefield 3 pre-orders top 700,000

EA has given a lot of incentives to pre-order Battlefield 3, and pre-orders have now topped 700,000 units.

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leogets2665d ago

Doesnt bother me how many they sell.All im interested in is that i got a copy waiting to be posted. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

JellyJelly2665d ago

Always good with lots of support when it comes to multiplayer centric games though. Can't wait! Bring on the beta!!

NatureOfLogic2665d ago

If BF3 was out selling MW3 your comment would be different. Im getting MW3 over BF3. I was planning to get both but Im cheap and their release dates are too close.

fluffydelusions2665d ago

Source link:
360 version: 482,873
PS3 version: 214,061
PC version: ???????

evrfighter2665d ago

so this is across consoles only

and 360 is leading the ps3 version? suprising

add 2-3x that for the pc version

fluffydelusions2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Doubt that very highly. Care to show me a big blockbuster game that has sold 2-3x more on PC than on console?

Ser2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Why is it surprising that the 360 is leading in pre-orders? The 360 has always had a shooter-centric user-base. (That isn't to say that people on PSN don't enjoy them some CoD.)

Wizziokid2665d ago

battlefields main audience is on PC i would be surprised if it sold less tbh

Pandamobile2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

BFBC2 sold about the same on the 360 and PC, so I'd expect BF3 on the PC to sell roughly the same as the 360, if not more.

latinalover2665d ago

and EA favor more of PS3 thn Xbox

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newleaf2665d ago

360 more than double that of ps3 even without footage.

thebudgetgamer2665d ago

looks like those math lessons are really paying off.

superrey192665d ago

Good for Dice. I still need to pre-order mine too... on PC of course. Too bad PC sales figures aren't released, I bet it's a lot.

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himdeel2665d ago

Preorders mean nothing to me. Games in my console > preorder numbers. As a matter of fact, lent in my pocket > preorder numbers.

himdeel2665d ago

My pocket is empty because of all these games. Just got Deus Ex:HR and it's the bees knees!! This year has been the absolute best year for new games for me. 2011 > all other years for games for me.

BeOneWithTheGun2665d ago

I hear ya, man. Im playing it right now. I had to give u shit cause u said lent, not lint and lent is when catholics fast once a bubs mate

Wizziokid2665d ago

i though PS3 would be higher than that tbh.

SoapShoes2665d ago

PS3 also has MW3, Resistance 3, Uncharted 3, etc.... The sells are split up.

Wizziokid2665d ago

valid point i suppose ps3 gamer do have a wider choice

ManBearPork2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

And MW3 won't be available on the 360?

Both consoles got a great line up of multiplatform games this year.

Also i think exlcusives dont really matter in comparison. It's not like R3 and U3 are really going to outweigh halo and gears in sales.

The sales are split up on both consoles. It's just that the 360 userbase favors shooters more.

It doesn't matter which console sells more copies of bf3. All that matters is that bf3 snatches a market share of cod.
More competition means better games in the future.

SoapShoes2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Wow dude... I was just saying. There are other exclusives coming out too I was just naming the bigger ones. Exclusives don't really matter? Lets forget that you ever said such nonsense. Sure those won't sell massive numbers like GT5, COD, or even Battlefield immediately(UC2 did go on to sell over 5 million) but it doesn't mean it won't be a more competitive market. Simple fact is more games = more spread out purchases.

Rearden2665d ago

Me too, considering they've only shown the PS3 version and not the Xbox 360 version.

Ares902665d ago

I'll preorder this week or next

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