PlayStation Vita: A Steal At $249.99, Or Too Expensive?

Chris Buffa (Modojo): On August 12, Nintendo slashed the price of its 3DS system from $249.99 to a more reasonable $169.99.

This $80 move was made after consumers balked at the system's MSRP. The message? Nintendo, viewed as a toy maker by a lot of people, cannot get away with this sort of thing, at least when it comes to portable systems.

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Kamikaze1352642d ago

Neither. It's good enough for me.

Buff10442642d ago

Yeah, $250 is a good sweet spot for that kind of tech.

darthv722642d ago

somewhere between $199-249 is good. It lets you see how people are biting and whether or not adjustments need to be made.

In the case of the 3ds, yeah it was cold at first. I believe they wanted to launch at $169 but with the popularity of the ds/dsi they opted to try and sell on the name value.

There have been other systems that tried the same thing only to quickly change it up to get things going. The $250 price is fair for the tech but steep for a portable gaming platform. Yes it can do more but try convincing mom/dad of that. In their eyes they see it as a game player no matter how many features it has.

I'd like to know if you can get the 3g model without having to sign up for service. I dont want to be forced into getting the cheaper solution because it wouldnt feel as complete of a system.

jaosobno2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Let's see. You buy it once, it lasts about 7 years, has incredible lineup, it's built with best quality hardware... Of course it's a steal!

You buy a new cell phone, pay 500$ and it lasts 1 year until it's replaced by a better model. Now that is a ripoff.

Vita is a pure steal.

NatureOfLogic2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

It's more powerful than the 360(I know that's not saying much),but I'd say it's a steal.

MaxXAttaxX2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

I say it was priced right.

blusoops2641d ago


You can get the 3G version and not have to worry about contracts. It has been said u can pay for service as u go on a monthly basis. What has NOT been said is how much it's gonna cost you.


A steal of a deal for me and you put too expensive for soccer mom around the world who just want to but the annoying brat something so he can shut his yap.

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jaosobno2642d ago

Iphone, just like all cell phones is a ripoff. You pay for it every year because Steve Jobs brainwashed you into thinking that you are incomplete or a lesser person without an apple product.

Funny how many people happily receive Steve's marketing shaft annually.

LOGICWINS2642d ago

I expect a price drop before launch..or within 6 months after launch.

morganfell2642d ago ShowReplies(3)
TBM2642d ago

Wow he really only writes or tries to write negative about sony lol. People said they wouldn't buy the system if it was over $300, and I could truly understand why nut when it was announced that it would be $250-300 people were extremely happy with the pricing.

Now that the 3DS got a price drop the vita's too expensive with all the tech in it. I think its a steal at its current prices and plan on getting one because its the first handheld with controls the are proper.

If you can spend $300-600 of smartphones/tablets what's expensive about the vita at $250-300?

LordZ2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

The price will be good enough or bad depending of the amount of good games at launch. Anyway I never buy anything at launch and hopes the vita gets a price drop at least to 199 a year later.

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ddkshah2642d ago

No one complains about the touch being 229 so why this best called vita. Atleast you won't have to spend 229 one year and then again another if you want a better version of the same thing. Sony is releasing the best handheld ever and I can wait for this.

Buff10442642d ago

Very good point. It's not like Apple and you need to buy another version every 365 days. I mean, u dont need to buy it, but you know...temptation. Haha

LOGICWINS2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

"No one complains about the touch being 229 so why this best called vita."

LMAO, again with the Apple argument. People on N4G know so little about what actually goes on in the real world.

Let me give you an analogy:

Justin Bieber and Adele are each having a concert on the same night.

Bieber's concert is $300 per person and lasts 2 hours.

Adele's concert is $200 per person and lasts for 2 hours.

You would ASSUME that more people would go to the Adele concert since it's cheaper, Adele has a greater vocal flexibility, and is arguably a better singer than Bieber(Vita is technologically superior to an ipod touch on most fronts, such as having Flash support).

However, Justin Bieber is more popular than even though his concert is more expensive, more people choose the Bieber concert(More people will get the next ipod touch over Vita due to it's mainstream popularity...despite the inflated price)

PirateThom2642d ago

Dispute, Adele has a best selling album, Bieber's fame consists solely of people who hate him but no one has actually heard any of his songs.

LOGICWINS2642d ago

"Bieber's fame consists solely of people who hate him but no one has actually heard any of his songs."

So all of his sold out concerts consist of haters??

Bleach2642d ago

lol using pop music as an analogy, get off the internet and go outside.

darthv722642d ago

I have to say logic made an interesting point. Sometimes it is the popularity of something that drive the continued acceptance in society.

Apple makes a good product but by no means the best. They command a high $$$ because of the name and yet phones based on android and even wp7 are more diverse. Yet because of the popularity of the "ipad, pod, phone" they will still be the ones the majority of society will stand in line for.

You dont ever see a line of people camping out when a new samsung phone comes out but you sure do when it is the iphone. Vita is a powerhouse in your hands but it has a tough job convincing people that it is more than just for games. Parents buy their kids game systems to pretty much shut them up. People know the popularity of the ds and the fact nintendo is synonymous with cheap entertainment.

I will get a vita myself but do you think I'm letting my kids play it? They can have the 3ds.

n4f2642d ago

i see what you are doing but its still an over price mp3 that does toilet gaming

Tito082641d ago

Logic, just accept the fact that you got owned and make no sense for once in your life, PLEASE!!!!!

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DARKrage342642d ago


I can't believe JB was used in an analogy here...


PS Vita is a deal and will be the most underrated, technologically advanced portable system to date.

LOGICWINS2642d ago

Too expensive. $200 is the sweet spot.

..and please don't give me the "people buy ipad/iphones every year for $800". I've heard that stupid argument too many times to be honest.

We all know that the reason people buy Apple products like hotcakes is because Apple has convinced the mainstream that they are #1 in innovation and tech(even though its not true).

Sony portables don't even come close to having the consumer familiarity of Apple handhelds. Ask yourself which is more popular, the iphone or a high end Sony Ericsson phone?

ddkshah2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

You still don't get that nothing was or is competeing against the ipod touch. Remember when the psp came out it was the MUST buy handheld those days ;) I wouldn't be surprised if the vita sold out in one day.

How could sony go any lower huh??? They are already losing $50 on every vita. Nintendo still makes money on the 3ds. They make a loss meaning we benefit with a superior product.

Sony also seems to have a better user interface which I believe will also be used with the ps4. xbm= psp and ps3, LiveArea= psv ps4 ;)

Plus ps vita games are the normal $40 for such great games like uc, resistance, bioshock, littlebigplanet, modnation racers, cod, assasins creed, and even dust 514. All with online play. Also you could use vita as a controller for many games and those game will come in bundle packs as sony stated for the ps3 and vita.

Any gamer would purchase the vita for $250 and that's the market for this item not being a mainstream all in one. Though the vita is a much much better all in one than an ipod touch.

Sony should port android market into this. If not hackers should/will ;) Making this the ultimate portable and will last for 3 years. After 3 years sony should release a new portable.

jujubee882642d ago

So, your argument is because those devices are associated with a brand a lot of people like therefore, people will buy it at any price (even if it is more than triple the price of something better)? That is basically your analogy with Apple and peoples money - in a tight economy.

That has NEVER worked in the history of marketing and business. That is why Android is doing so well, PSP sold 77 million and, why not every single human being owns an iOS device.

I will not even force people to buy the PS Vita, I just describe to them the device to the best of my knowledge and people want to buy it. I do not say it will beat the "so and so" device or even neglect any fair comparisons. I simply describe the fact that the PS Vita can play multiple different forms of multimedia on its 5 inch OLED display, has two analog sticks for shooter games and, it can actually be used with the PS3 for certain games. All I do is list the factual details on the PS Vita and people are sold.

I cannot for the life of me sell a mobile/pad/tab device (android, apple, etc) to a gamer or someone seeking some form of compact fun entertainment in the way I can with the PS Vita. Perhaps, I do not know how to market mobile/tab/pad devices to demographics I meet but I acknowledge and know what those devices are capable of from a network, software and hardware side but, they are so binary where as PS Vita is just ten times more dynamic.

Ps Vita has all the titles people would want to play, they can go out and buy an anime off the PSN and, they can use these high quality apps like Tag for this ultimate form of distraction.

Other devices in the same technological "genre" as the PS Vita seem boring if they are not the PS Vita. Want a phone? Buy something basic and use that as your immediate, proprietary social tool for phone calls and SMS. I mean, PS Vita even has facebook, foursquare, Skype, etc for those secondary social tools. Want a better camera than the PS Vita? Buy an actual compact digital camera. Than you have two quality devices instead of a single overpriced and compromised mobile/pad/tab device.

This is the kind of attention the PS Vita had just in its unveiling alone and in a Sony held event (i.e. not E3 or TGS),

Here is the E3 reaction after the price was announced (just about two months ago),

And so, that is pretty much it. If someone has an iOS device I would not make a big deal of it or anything. I just know I will get so much more entertainment value out of my PS Vita. Than again, that's just me, and really, one can only be subjective. Fuck the trends. :)

LOGICWINS2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

"Here is the E3 reaction after the price was announced (just about two months ago)"

Mainstream consumers don't know what E3 is. The people who were elated for the $250 price point are hardcore gamers who understand that that the tech in Vita is worth WAAAY more than $250.

..but do you think the average Joe and Jane will show the same excitement for a $250 handheld device when they're looking for a portable for their kid?

Let go of your hardcore gamer mentality when your speculating on how well Vita will do saleswise. Remember..hardcore gamers don't make up the majority of the consumers in the gaming market.

Hence, most people don't think the way you do.

raytraceme2642d ago

Vita only needs one game to market to the mass crowd and that game is COD. Vita will sell by the millions then ;) GTA pushed psp sales A LOT if you don't remember ;)

Optical_Matrix2642d ago

The PSVita is targeted at Gamers mate. The same 100 Million+ Gamers who bought PS3's and Xbox 360's. That's a pretty strong user base. Plus all of the sales they can get from whatever casuals they can rope it. People will pay the sub 300 price for it. You just sound broke Logic. I'm afraid your namesake is something you yourself fail to even compute.

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OllieBoy2642d ago

It's affordable, let's just leave it at that.

Wizziokid2642d ago

can't argue with the price for what you are getting

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