PocketGamer - Top 10 handheld games we saw at Gamescom 2011

Will Wilson writes: Gamescom is over (it’s been over for a week, to be fair) and the dust has settled after a hectic week of games, Germans, and Germans who love games.

We were there, walking the halls and forcing our way through the crowds to get our grubby hands on the best upcoming games across all the mobile and portable platforms.

Handheld editor Mike Rose has all the info on the best-looking 3DS and Vita titles he saw at the show, while I will be walking you through some of my top picks when it comes to Android and iOS.

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MasterCornholio2639d ago

Hmm i dont really agree with this list. I would have Wipeout 2047, Uncharted Golden Abyss and Rift in that list as well instead of Mario Kart 7, Sonic and Mario Olympics and Tin Tin.

But anyways to each his own.

Ultr2638d ago

wow, there are only like 3 games.. rest is garbage