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Submitted by tiffac008 1628d ago | rumor

What's the 3DS without 3D?

While nothing is confirmed at this point, a rumor has been floating around on the sea known as the internet that the Nintendo 3DS is going to see a couple of major changes as we move into 2012. (3DS, Nintendo)

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Kran  +   1628d ago

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Misterhbk  +   1628d ago
Yep. It would me the only substantial feature that they updated was the graphics. All the other features are pretty small in scale to be completely honest. From the web browser to the eshop. They won't mean much if they're the only upgraded added. The 3D is by far the bugest selling point.

Nintendo should have gone back to a single screen and made a 3D Gameboy.
darthv72  +   1628d ago
where the hell do these rumors come from?
Seriously...nintendo wont drop 3d after they put so much into it. If anything it will shape the way 3d is accepted as a first step towards glasses free tv. We all know there are companies like Toshiba, Sharp, Panasonic and yes...even Sony that are working on glasses free 3dtv.

The only rumor I would love to see come true is sega coming back into the console market with their phoenix system. A fitting name considering the phoenix rises from the ashes.
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digitaledge  +   1628d ago
Don't forget that the 3DS also has motion control built in, which could be used as a selling point.

In all reality, though, I don't think that Nintendo will drop or scale back the 3D on the 3DS (besides, there is no need to scale it back because you have the slider).

If anything, they will probably scale back the focus on marketing the 3D aspect - put more focus on the games and other features, with just a mention about the 3D. 3D is in the name anyway, so is there really a need for them to focus on that in their marketing?
dark-hollow  +   1628d ago
Surprise surprise!
More hatred and false rumors for nintendo.
Before the obvious crowds of 360 and ps3 fans slamming me, didn't people doubted the ps3 when it launched? Didn't had it own problems and it own share of hatred and doom articles??? Well, look at it now.
The lesson learned from this? You gotta give it sometime before you go all doom and shit!
Kran  +   1628d ago
Hey. I never said I hated it.

If you werent refering to me, why reply to me? ;P
meganick  +   1628d ago
No, the DS is a DS. The 3DS without 3D would essentially be a slightly better portable Gamecube.
Venox2008  +   1628d ago
Super DS ... it's still faster than PSP ... and we still didn't see what can it do in full power .. even Capcom said that they can achieve better graphics than RE:revelations ..I would still buy it even if it didn't have 3D, I bought it for games + DS Backwards compatibility
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koehler83  +   1628d ago
Faster at what? Dropping its price?
smilydude13  +   1628d ago
No. Horse power.

The system can output Gamecube level graphics and perhaps beyond. It's not underpowered hardware. It also has more RAM than the Wii.

Keep in mind that for the 3D effect to work they have to render the game twice. I'm sure we'll see some none-3D titles coming out as a tradeoff for more impressive 2D visuals. In fact many titles are doing something similar to that. Take DOA for example. You turn 3D off and you get 60FPS as opposed to 30. With OoT you get Anti-Aliasing.
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meganick  +   1628d ago
Your comment made me laugh. Well done.
koehler83  +   1628d ago

Please tell me you're not comparing 2004 hardware with 2010.

EDIT: Can't respond directly so I'll do so here:

He was comparing 3DS (2010) to PSP (2004) What the hell are you talking about GameCube and Wii for?
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smilydude13  +   1628d ago
I am. When it comes to portable hardware they're generally several times weaker than non-portable hardware.

Take the iPad 2 for instance. 2011 hardware and it's only half as powerful as the 360 which is 2005 hardware.

Also I'm just going to point out that the Gamecube came out in 2001. Perhaps you should do some fact checking.

Are you seriously trying to make an issue of portable hardware being weaker than non-portable?

Edit: I was talking about the Gamecube & Wii Because the 3DS is about as powerful as them. And the Gamecube & Wii are significantly more powerful than the PSP.

So yeah, the 3DS is significantly more powerful than the PSP. I'm stating that since your post may have been implying that it wasn't.
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smilydude13  +   1628d ago
Oh, and I also went on that tirade about the Gamecube because my post was directly comparing the 3DS to the Gamecube, not the PSP.

So no, I wasn't comparing 2010 hardware to 2004 hardware. I was simply stating the obvious that the 3DS is significantly more powerful than the PSP.
jwk94  +   1628d ago
well no duh it's more powerful, the 3ds is a next-gen handheld, try to prove that it has better graphics than a vita game.
MAJ0R  +   1628d ago
I wouldn't buy it and instead wait for the many redesigns to come out
dark-hollow  +   1628d ago
I don't why people disagree with you.
The 3rd is more powerful than a psp, but that's not a bif feat for an 2011gaming machine?
Kamikaze135  +   1628d ago
3DS - 3D = S
koehler83  +   1628d ago
Indeed. It's simple arithmetic.
psvitaisking  +   1628d ago
S=Sh*t?? or Super??
Venox2008  +   1627d ago
actually S is only a letter..
stragomccloud  +   1627d ago
Actually... maybe it's some thing like... X=3DS-DS...

So DS is either an imaginary number with an x variable... or x is a negative number making things possible. Someone please correct my math! :P

I don't even remember if this is right. It's been a while... Regardless... this issue is perhaps far more complex than it seems.
Kamikaze135  +   1627d ago
I'm so glad I don't have to take anymore math classes >_>
Cpt_kitten  +   1628d ago
a good system
Wizziokid  +   1628d ago
a ds
allyc4t  +   1628d ago
An S.
battyschlaps122  +   1628d ago
RAmar101  +   1628d ago
it would just be a handheld gamecube, in fact not even that, i think the console would be better with just 1 screen in touch 3d
Foxgod  +   1628d ago
It would be a Gameboy advance.
A succesful handheld with better graphics then its predecessor.
Bay  +   1628d ago
A DS with better hardware and less games.

Oh, and a much nicer looking paintjob.
Xof  +   1628d ago
You mean an HD DS Lite.

Better hardware, fewer games, smaller screens.
Bay  +   1628d ago
At least the paint job on them is nice. Well, the blue one, that is. The black one is kinda...meh.
Optical_Matrix  +   1628d ago
A DS with better graphics and a couple of better features. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy mine. But it's not an exciting piece of tech at all. The E-Shop isn't really saying much and neither are any of the other features. But the software line up is looking great, so I look forward to it. As a piece of tech though, it's not that great and almost feels imo, like given the tech and barebones features, that it should have released when the DSi did.
mcstorm  +   1628d ago
What is it with people and 3ds. Before the price drop it was selling better than the original as in its first year and now the price has dropped sales are going to be even higher especially since we are coming up to the time where most of the big names show up and Christmas. The 3ds will be te best selling console this Christmas time and it will only get stronger from then on. The changes Nintendo will make to the 3ds is a new screen that dose not effect your eyes when holding wrong abit like the new 3d mobile technology and bettery life and mybe alittle slimmer. But Nintendo will not change the 3ds name or add extra buttons or direction pads to it.
Stealth2k  +   1628d ago


xX-Jak-Xx  +   1627d ago
3DS without 3D?
i dont know why people are saying its gonna be a portable gamecube. its not even close
its just a psp with 3d
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