Four and a Half Minutes of Pure Final Fantasy Type-0 Gameplay Footage writes, "Sure, Square-Enix might be concentrating its North American focus on Final Fantasy XIII-2, but Japan will soon get a far more interesting looking game in the series. Final Fantasy Type-0 is a fast paced action RPG and is part of the same Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology. While it may not be confirmed to come overseas, a Japanese demo has been released that will work just fine if your firmware is up to date.

Having played through the demo myself, I left quite impressed. The large number of characters you can play as with their varying weapons and abilities have a nice sense of variety. And each of the demo’s levels have a lot going on, some even involving multiple miniboss monsters. I’ve pieced together some highlights from each demo stage below for your viewing pleasure."

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DA_SHREDDER2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

wtf is this bullcrap? What the hell are they doing to the FF series?!!! Its almost like they are sabotaging themselves.


Is FF still even relevant after what that gave us with 13?

Just let it die Square as you have proven that you can not recapture the golden days.

Squall_Leonhart2666d ago

Well it's another KH's clone hooray ¬_¬

josephayal2666d ago

Battle system is horrible like kh and ff13-2

banjadude2666d ago

As long as the allied party members are competent, I'll be very happy.

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