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The Vortex Effect: Madden NFL 12 is, simply put, an outstanding football experience. It is easily the best football game I have played in years. The graphics are great, and everything looks wonderful and realistic. The gameplay is superb and it doesn’t have all the issues that have plagued NCAA Football 12. This isn’t the year to skip Madden, and so I really can’t recommend it any more than that.

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Flummoxxed2641d ago

Pffftt...cause their the only game in town. 2k would dominate the NFL just like they do NHL and NBA games. Competition is a good thing...

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2641d ago

not a fan of Madden anymore but they are selling it with a 20 card on amazon now for pre ordering for anyone who is going to buy it.

I liked madden back on the snes/genesis but after the leap to the ps/xbox I couldnt get into it anymore. It became too much of a hassle to try to contort my fingers to try to play it. I loved the dreamcast 2k titles, those games were fun as hell. Competition is always good, it forces companies to innovate rather than stagnate which is what we got way too much of nowadays.

Flummoxxed2641d ago

I actually could run the ball on NFL2K...agree 100% with ya