New Footage For Canceled Bourne Game Emerges

Back in 2008, it was revealed that Radical Entertainment were working on “a multi-player online game set in the world of the spy agency that trained Bourne” titled Treadstone. Unfortunately, the game was canned when Activision decided to not pick up the franchise after they merged with the series’ publisher Vivendi, canceling the 10 year contract that had been signed with the Ludlum estate.

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Sev2664d ago

Looks pretty decent. I'd hit it.

SantistaUSA2664d ago

agreed! Sure needs a lot of work, but it was looking promising, doesn't really matter now tho.

JellyJelly2664d ago

If you like what you see here you should definitely give 007: Bloodstone a try. One of this gens hidden gems imo.

LOGICWINS2664d ago

WOW..massive improvement over the last Bourne game.

doctorstrange2664d ago

Always sad when games are canceled

NovaXz2664d ago

Thank god this was cancelled. I am a huge Bourne fan and it looks like this game would have done a disservice to the series.

BakedGoods2664d ago

Have you even played The Bourne Conspiracy? It's excellent.

NovaXz2663d ago

That isn't the Bourne Conspiracy and yes I have. I enjoyed the Bourne Conspiracy and while it wasn't the greatest game it did an admirable job of representing part of what makes Bourne, Bourne.

insertcoin2664d ago

I was one of the few people who actually liked The Bourne Conspiracy (actually have a signed copy by the developer staff). This makes me wish we has this game too.

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