Gaming as an adult is tough

Are jobs, kids, and other hobbies conspiring to take you away from your games?

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crazytown992607d ago

I find the need to eat gets in the way pretty often, too.

himdeel2607d ago

Yep! My gaming happens after little people go to sleep or take naps. I've always loved games with good lengthy SP games and appreciate them even more now.

thebudgetgamer2607d ago

as an adult though playing time is way shorter i find i apreciate that time way more then when i was a kid.

squeeb2607d ago

Tell me about it. I hate the daily grind...

caperjim2607d ago

As an adult i think your life becomes more "settled" leaving you more time to play for some people. Adults are no longer searching for a career, suitable partner etc. etc. This leaves more time for gaming.

When i think back to my teenage years and early twenties i couldnt imagine playing games all the time. Id much rather have an actual social life and getting as much tail as possible. :)

Now that im older i find i have more time to play. So this article doesnt apply to everyone.

LNDCalling2607d ago

Never thought about it like that and your right it doesn't apply to us all.

I'm somewhere in the middle as in work takes up pretty much all my time + kids + wife etc but as you say I was a go out kinda kid too I hated staying in so in reality the time isn't that much different just that its now regular timnes i.e. after work / evening, rather than random times when I was a kid.

I do appreciate the time I play now more though.

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The story is too old to be commented.