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CakeAndGames: MIGHTY Deus Ex Human Revolution Review

Deus Ex is a 3rd person/first person stealth, action game. With even some rpg elements thrown in. Wow that is a lot of game in there. You take the role of a ex FBI agent. Who, with some robotic upgrades becomes a super soldier. 16 years in the future, yes you will be old and me too, or older! I hope to have minimal face wrinkles then. But in a day and age with DNA manipulation, people become half machine. Woooooo, yep sounds cool right? Well keep reading to find out. (Deus Ex: Human Revolution, PS3) 9.5/10

Sharty_Pants  +   1330d ago
The game was way better then i guessed,
kinda reminds me of mgs, does it remind anyone else of metal gear solid?
ChrisPriestman  +   1330d ago
This is possibly the greatest review ever written.
CakedOne  +   1330d ago
That is possible Chris :) but I don't know this review might actually be the best in the world! http://www.cakeandgames.com... when i read this I was like wow, Oh my god, and wow.
chad22hkd  +   1330d ago
This is a really awesome game!!!

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