New Halo: CE Anniversary maps revealed for PAX Prime

Microsoft and 343 Industries are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Halo series at PAX Prime this weekend with Halo Fest and have announced two maps reimagined from the original game and one brand new Firefight map for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary for the Xbox 360.

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lochdoun2664d ago

"Each of the competitive multiplayer maps that ship with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary will include two variants which let players experience maps in both their classic layout as well as a modified, reimagined version with changes that account for the dynamic gameplay created by Halo: Reach’s Armor Abilities."

Classic multiplayer mode confirmed.
You can stop complaining now.

towelie12882664d ago

yesss classic pistol is back too and nerfed
AL !!!!

otherZinc2664d ago

This is how all remakes should be done. Definite day 1 purchase. Give videos next time.