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Submitted by Extreme_Coolcat 1630d ago | screenshot

Deus Ex 3: DX11 maxed out

Deus Ex Human Revolution features advanced DX11 technology like tessellation, HD ambient occlusion and compute shader. Combined with uber-sampling technologies like downsampling, how does DX11 looks like with maxed out graphics? A website shows 50 examples. (Deus Ex: Human Revolution, PC)

BakedGoods  +   1630d ago
Wow, I should've got this on the PC.
electricshadow  +   1630d ago
With DX11 enabled, the game looks amazing. I love it.
starchild  +   1630d ago
Yes, you should have. If you had the option to go with the PC version it really is the best version. I'm really loving every second of this game.
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Dovahkiin  +   1630d ago
Ol' Wrinklepalm.
Tr10wn  +   1630d ago
Anyone know the specs? i want to buy it but i can't find if it run with dx11 on and at least high with my specs i need to compare. 460gtx oc 1gb q6600 @ 2.8ghz 4gb ddr2 mem, im currently playing crysis 2 with dx11 on extreme and it runs pretty clean if anyone have similar specs and currently own deus ex let me know.
hiredhelp  +   1630d ago
Well it ran on my gf computer (my old core 2 duo) setup 4gb ram and ati 4870 no problems.
Just ran it off my baby gtx560 dx11 i5 2600k. Again obviously no problems youll be fine.
Also used program called fraps i got consistant 60fps.
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2pacalypsenow  +   1630d ago
I run it on a i7(1st gen) @3.4ghz with 4 gb 1333 DDr3 and a 1gb GTX560 @ 1920X1080 ,I get between 55-60fps(v-sync on)
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Information Minister  +   1630d ago
I get nearly constant 60fps on my i5 2500K + GTX 460 1gb @ stock speeds (1680x1050, max detail). The game seems to rely more heavily on the CPU than the GPU.

This article might help:
hiredhelp  +   1630d ago
Yeh mines 1920x1080 i think i just whacked everything on and put on high the second time round. Didnt see too much improovement mind.
I should stated using sli .
Great game i had the first one yeats ago along with its rival system shock.

Not being funny m8 but i find them frame rates hard to chew dude.
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yamzilla  +   1630d ago
those screens look nice, but it looks even better in person, runnning at a buttery 60 frames in 2560x1600p....


Also, the gameplay is outstanding, while I feel the witcher 2 is a slightly better game, Deus ex HR is still way better than any bioware game from the last 6 years.


I installed this game on my wifes pc just to test it out, it runs perfectly in dx11 on a i-7 920 and 560ti, I think that pc has 6 gb ram, it is maxed in 1080p on that one gets about 40-80 frames.

On my rig with twin 570's, 8gb ram and an i7 2600 in 1600p, dx11, ax AA it gets like 120 frames per second
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49erguy  +   1630d ago
I disagree about the better tan Bioware part. To me its a good game, but the reading has become tiresome. The E-Books should have been voiced like Bioshock's audiofiles. I also feel that the art style makes everything in the game look the same.

I like Jensen and the gameplay, but I like Mass Effect much more.
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StarWolf  +   1630d ago
i got it for ps3 but i dont even have DX11 so whatever ... =(
DigitalRaptor  +   1630d ago
Same. This looks a lot better than my PS3 version, but I don't think my setup could handle it at this level anyway.

Gotta love PC though. ;)
Dynasty2021  +   1630d ago
Turning off Dx11, running in Dx10 and then back to Dx11...I cant really notice any difference.

I seem to be the minority who actually really like the graphics. It still FEELS like Deus Ex the original.
Bolts  +   1630d ago
I'm running this with DX 11 in 1080p with everything maxed. Even then I would characterize the game's visual as average and the console influences in the graphics department is clearly there.

Deus Ex is a great game, but a graphical tour de force it is not.
evrfighter  +   1630d ago
which is exactly the reason why i didn't feel the need to take any steam screenshots.

I don't remember ever stopping to admire the visuals but dammit that was one of the more gen defining rpg's I've played.

They really went back to deus ex's roots here.
superrey19  +   1629d ago
Agreed. It looks nice but nothing special. Only thing that bothers me are the character models and textures which is a shame considering how many people you talk too in the game. Still, I'm currently playing it and I love it so far.
Orpheus  +   1630d ago
Can nebody let me know the number of polygons per frame at maximum settings , tesselation enabled on pc
RedDead2067  +   1630d ago
I have the PS3 version, it looks a lot blurrier than these nice screenshots.

The PS3 version looks like someone rubbed wax over the camera.
Raider69  +   1630d ago
Is there any option on the PC version to play the game with 360 like controller?
PirosThe4th  +   1630d ago
yep just hook up 360 controller... it works perfectly. That's what i do when i play on the couch XD
ian72  +   1630d ago
I got PS3 copy and it looks quite good. One of the best multi-plat games, visually. I have no complaints at all.
hiredhelp  +   1630d ago
Ian72 lol tell me thats not your boobs in that avatar lol. Nice by the way controller on. Tshirt
AnimaOnline  +   1630d ago
I got it for PS3 regardless of having a capable PC. Call me mad but some games I prefer playing on my HDTV with a DualShock 3 and my legs up. Playing with a mouse and keyboard curled over my desk isn't as appealing. Battlefield 3 seems more like a game I'd be willing to get on PC over consoles as the differences there are substantial.
RedGr3mlin  +   1630d ago
OR.... you just download x padder and play EVER and ANY GAME ( even when they dont support controller) With controller....

OR , you read on a little bit and realize that Deus ex on PC supports a controller...

So .. then you go and BY a controller 4 half the prise of a 360/ ps3 controller and plug it in , and in 2 sec you have a "consoll" that is 100 times better and faster then both ps3 and 360.. just saying
RedGr3mlin  +   1630d ago
Those are some awesome screens.

I am also maxing everything out on my gaming pc with 1080p. This game is F* in CRAZY beautiful and HUGE. I have playd in 13 houers and i am only on "second" map
(police house - morgoue)
offcourse i play on: Give me deus ex) The way DEUS EX is ment to be playd .

Eeither way.. love this game.


i5. 760 Quad Core @ 2.8ghz
8d ggr3
Antec Kuhler H2O 620 CPU water cooler
(never higher then 45 degrees on 90+ load)
ASUS GeForce GTX 560Ti 1GB PhysX CUDA
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Si-Fly  +   1630d ago
I'm maxing it at 5760x1080 with sli gtx580s and a 2500k at 4.6ghz, the game looks lovely, and is obviously well optimised. Good effort for the studios first game!
RedGr3mlin  +   1630d ago
Agree on that last part 100%
The studio have really made it with this game, when they said (before the game was out) that we know what the players want they realy hit there head on the nail there. This game is PERFECT in EVERY way.

I hope they make one more Deus Ex now when they see how much ppl want these kind of games...

I am going to play the hell out of this game.
First play thrue now - going hackar and stealth
next i will do heavy lifting and assult
AFter that i think i will do .. well i dont know..
But this game is PURE awesome.
Megaton  +   1630d ago
The thing that bugs me about this game's graphics is the unrealistically sharp design of everything. The environments and every non-character item in those environments look like they were put together with a series of cubes. Sharp edges on everything, insanely flat walls and floors. No curves to be found.
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rfowler30  +   1630d ago
wow i put all you guys to shame, i used fraps and got an average of 140 fps. got a core i7 2600k overclocked to 4.5ghz, 2x gtx 580s, 8 gb ddr3 1866. love the graphics too by the way, make the game look AMAZING!!!!
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Rettom  +   1630d ago
Question: Isn't OpenGL better than DX?
Pandamobile  +   1630d ago
Yes and no.
Rettom  +   1630d ago
Which one has most Pros?

Can you list the Pros and Cons?

Oh and do all games support OpenGL? Because isn't DirectX only on Windows?
Pandamobile  +   1630d ago
Both have pros, both have cons. DirectX is better supported, opengl is available on more platforms, etx

Not all games support OpenGL, only the ones that are written in OpenGL support OpenGL
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Rettom  +   1629d ago
Thanks + bubs
thespaz  +   1629d ago
Why does this game look cheesy to me? The graphics don't look good at all. Where are people seeing these awesome graphics? Please let me know because it looks and feels like a last generation game. I don't like the animations or character models either.

Compared to Killzone 3, Crysis 2, GTA (with mods) and Uncharted 2, these screens look very basic.

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