5 reasons why smartphones will never replace consoles

Super smart phones or just console phoneys?

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death2smoochie2639d ago

Needs physical controls....end of story.

MaxXAttaxX2639d ago

It's the only one.
No analog sticks.
No real game support(nothing compared to PS Vita).
Monthly payments and two year contracts.

Chrono2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

@NathanExplosion Many Android phones have physical keys like Motorola Droid. Xperia Play does have two analog pads. It has many games like Dead Space, Battlefield, Rainbow Six, etc, as well as all Android games and emulators. If it's unlocked, there will be no monthly payments (mine is officially unlocked). I'm not saying that smartphones will ever be better than the current portable gaming devices, but they are just not as bad as what many people think.

MaxXAttaxX2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

Now you're creating an exception with the whole "unlocking" subject.

Anyway, flat surfaces such as a screen/pad and crappy keypads, gameplay, etc, just can't compare.

donnaluke20032639d ago

This is an actual debate somewhere? Who knew. I cannot wait to see your follow up article, top 5 reasons your toaster will not replace your console.

Wintersun6162639d ago

Yes, this is. Even here on N4G there's some people who think there won't be a PS4 or Xbox 720 because you can play Angry Birds on your phone.. Ok, I'm exaggerating a bit there, but hey, they're exaggerating the capabilities of a smartphone even more.

one2thr2639d ago

That really wasn't an exaggeration, I remember seeing an article about smartphones replacing console gaming, and there was also a developer that said something some what similar to such malarkey.....

Wintersun6162639d ago

Missed that one, must have been hilarious. What next? Computers will die because you can browse the internet quite fluidly with phones nowadays? LOL!

_Aarix_2639d ago

Check out games lie rage, real racing, chaos rings, world of goo, infinity blade and dead space. Im not saying theyll repace handhelds (i know they wont) but stop assuming the only games that are there are angry birds.

Wintersun6162638d ago

I have checked most of them out, though World of Goo on PC. I never said Angry Birds is the only decent game on touch screen devices. Like I said, I'm simplifying and exaggerating what they're saying.

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klecser2639d ago

People are using the existence of superficial smartphone games as a rationale for the 3DS and Vita being "doomed" and being "the last dedicated handheld gaming platforms". This article points out exactly why those arguments don't make sense.

knifefight2639d ago

I was in your same boat for a while but apparently there are people who actually believe yeah, this is an issue. I have no words.

just_sayin2639d ago

Phones replace consoles yeah right. Imagine playing ur game and people keep calling you that would piss me off. i would be angry each time i answered.

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The story is too old to be commented.