Madden NFL 12 Review (PlanetXbox360)

From the feature review:

"Ever since 1988 when the very first John Madden Football (was shortened to Madden NFL in 1993) was released, the team at EA SPORTS Tiburon have been building game modes, control mechanics, and features to make hardcore football salivate for the yearly release of the game. This year Madden NFL’s motto of “True to the Game” will quench the thirst of gamers worldwide when it releases on August 30th, 2011 or August 26th, 2011 for EA SPORTS Season Ticket Subscribers. The first thing that I look at every year when Madden NFL releases is Game Play. I always get excited when I receive the game to open it up and put it through its paces. This year was no different as popped in the game to start my annual Franchise Mode. What was it that made me change my annual routine of pressing the button as fast as I can to get to the game? It is the all-new Presentation that EA SPORTS introduced this year, and I was simply BLOWN AWAY with the detail put into this year’s game."

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UltimaEnder2664d ago

sounds like a must-buy for football fans...

UndeadAreGo2664d ago

Gonna have to pass on the sports games...

Robotronfiend2664d ago

I don't think its fair to give the game a 9.5 when EA still hasn't solved the issue of players looking and feeling like they are gliding over the field. The players don't feel really connected to the ground. Without trying a few of my players in the demo were doing the Moonwalk.

I'm sure that's okay in NHL 12, but not in a football game played with cleats on turf. That basic issue with walking and running should shave off more than 0.5 points.

VoicesInMyHead2664d ago

amen. It's the only problem with the game. If I had the money I'd buy it though

Robotronfiend2664d ago

I'd give the game an 8/10.

-1 for "floaty" feeling when moving/moonwalking

-1 for poor commentators. "That play is really going to extend the drive!" No, actually it was a touchdown, so the drive is over. Sometimes inaccurate, often dull.

SuperbVillain2664d ago

Is there hitstick? wasn't any hitstick in the demo if hit stick is gone,im not buying it

NoobJobz2664d ago

You were blown away with the presentation? It's 2011 and there was a certain game in 2004 that had better presentation and that was 7 years ago. Why are we praising things that should have already been in the game years ago?

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