10 Of The Most Violent Ninjas in Video Games

"As far as general awesomeness is concerned, Ninjas are often seen as a group who have it in spades. Ninjas are just cool in most ways, to the point where countless games are based on them. A lot of titles opt for a cutesy and lovable rouge stereotype, but real ninjas are violent, gritty and ruthless. For those interested in the blood and guts side of ninja coolness, here are ten of the most violent ninjas in gaming."

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Quagmire2667d ago

No mention of Raven or Yoshimitsu?


jc485732667d ago

they could've easily replaced Afro Samurai with them.

otherZinc2667d ago

This list better not have Ninja Gaiden 3's Ninja Gaiden in it. Mini Ninjas would be better than the New Ninja Gaiden 3.

Kiroe2667d ago

Scorpion could take every ninja on the list. I mean, obviously death doesn't affect him. :)

dorron2667d ago

A samurai is not a Ninja...

Virus2012667d ago

Rikimaru, the only real ninja on that list.

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