TheSixthAxis Hands On: Supremacy MMA

TSA writes: "I think the first thing to make clear is that Supremacy MMA is not going down the path of UFC. Of course the focus of UFC is still the fighting, but there’s also that element of putting on a show with the music, ring entrances and the like.

Supremacy is almost like the dark side of the fighting world; the unsanctioned, amateur and unlicensed part, albeit with real life fighters rather than fictional ones. The overall presentation matches this new attitude perfectly, and you are greeted by loud, angry music at the menu screen. The visuals are also minimalistic, ditching all glitz and glamour for underground clubs and dark arenas. That’s not to say it’s bad, far from it in fact. The character models look fantastic and the animations are superb."

Update: is the correct link. I don't know where the AC YouTube video came from.

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sirdrake2666d ago

Um the "read full preview" link sends you to an assassins creed youtube video.

Folken242666d ago

Thanks for the heads up, I don't even know where that URL came from.