[GAMINGtruth] THQ and UFC Want You to Pick the Next Cover Fighter

GAMINGtruth's got the scoop on how you could choose the next fighter to grace the cover of UFC's Undisputed 3. Also, check out how your vote could send you to Las Vegas for UFC 137!

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JellyJelly2638d ago (Edited 2638d ago )

I'd rather pick the developer and have the team behind EA MMA make the next UFC game.

OT - Alistair Overeem (yeah I know...) Have Big Country doinf his belly rub pose. That would be something.

LaWiiG2638d ago

I agree. I really enjoyed how they did EA MMA and Bas wasn't too bad to have in your corner.

JellyJelly2638d ago

Worse roster, much better gameplay. El Guapo is the man.

LaWiiG2638d ago

Lol, plus i liked the fact that my fighter "Gumby" Bowser got such a great entrance. The training mode was something that I was hoping for in Fight Night Champion, but it was watered down.

eARThRiot2638d ago

Put the Spider on the cover, I mean he is the baddest dude in MMA and has been since 2006. JBJ next year if he is still the champion, then GSP whatever year after that (GSP will reign longer at the top than the Spider imo).