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"As a game with possibly the most ridiculous and difficult-to-explain premise of any driving game in history, Driver: San Francisco has a lot to prove. It's difficult to see how a racer in which you can zoom out of your own body and temporarily inhabit any car in the road like a thrill-seeking poltergeist is actually going to work. Happily, Driver: SF brings you around to its way of thinking within minutes of picking up the controller. After spending half an hour or so playing around with the Shift system, you completely understand it – and you begin to see just how many new possibilities it opens up. "

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scotchmouth2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

I am surprised it got rated an 8. I anticipated a lower score. Especially when you read

"Driver: SF is actually at its worst when it's trying to be a straightforward racing game. The handling is pretty hand-brake heavy and over the top and there are plenty of things to crash into, and though that's great fun when you're in a chase, it's not so fun when you're trying to beat a time. Fall to the back in a street race and the cops will hassle you so insistently that you've no chance of winning. Also, when you temporarily shift out of a vehicle and into another one, the AI takes over and sometimes sends the car in completely the wrong direction whilst you're away, or gets it stuck up against a wall behind three cop cars, ruining your chances of success."

Going on to the next page it really sounds like a ho-hum experience. The actual game play should take precedence in a score's review. The article reads like this game is a 7.

Time will tell.

Quagmire2640d ago

8 seems like such a generic score, IGN seem to be handing em out like candy.

But yea, it seems more like a 7 game to me, especially after the lackluster demo.