Valve adding PS Move support to Counter-Strike

Valve’s first motion control-supported console game may be just a matter of months away from release.

The Washington studio has said will include PlayStation Move with the next instalment of Counter-Strike, according to reports.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is also designed to unite the PS3, PC and Mac versions of the game through shared online networks, though the process has yet to be finalised.

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Wizziokid2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

this could be interesting :) I need to start using move more.
I can't wait to get into CS again, it's been waaaay to long since I played it last

this, steam and cross-platfrom play with PC, this game can't get here any sooner!

malol2641d ago

this and cross-platform game play
and mouse and keyboard support on the PS3 makes it a really solid purchase if you ask me

but me
i'll stick on my PC
i mean i cant find my self playing CS on consoles
its .... just .... that's how its printed in my brain XD

anyway if any PS3 owner never tried CS this should be a must buy

Simon_Brezhnev2641d ago

oh they adding mouse and keyboard support on ps3? if so im buying it.

Drekken2641d ago

simon, yes... M/KB support is confirmed.

himdeel2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

For me the Move implementation is all about how much you can adjust the deadzone etc. So far Socom or more specifically Zipper does the Sharpshooter Move controls options the VERY BEST. Playing with move is all about adjusting the control scheme.

EDIT: I wish more games on PS3 allowed for mouse support. I'd probably toss my Move in the closet if they implemented mouse support.

buddymagoo2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

Mouse and keyboard support confirmed.

I also have a funny feeling it will be cross platform with the PSV. CS: GO sounds like it could be a portable title, but just a wild guess. It would be amazing out and about though.

evrfighter2641d ago

ps3 users will want to use a mouse/keyboard if they want to compete at the higher skill ladders

Ju2641d ago

Might be getting spanked by Move players, LOL. Move allows you to do 180dgr turns like the mouse does - if implemented properly (and the deadzones are properly adjusted). Controller can't. Aim is not static, though (hand will always be shaking and you can not reduce that without introducing lag). So, there the mouse will always be the better option (well, if they'll add aim assist, everybody will be crying again, LOL).

But top Move players are usually there. On top of the ladder.

darthv722641d ago

There have been other games that demonstrate how move can be used in an FPS so of course valve would not want to be the black sheep. Especially when it concerns one of their more popular IP's.

I still have yet to hook up a mouse/kb to my ps3 and try some games on it. Are there ones right now that support it?

NewMonday2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

how about mouse + Move navigator, best of all worlds.

And if COD implements Move controls, adoption will explode

Simon_Brezhnev2641d ago

thanks for the response now its confirmed im getting this game. Im not even buying BF3 for ps3 now since now my favorite FPS series coming to ps3. With mouse and keyboard support.

egidem2641d ago

It's perfect. I'm not a counterstrike person/player nor do I have any experience in the games. My Ps3 is hooked up to my computer monitor and this would be perfect for me to try (if there is keyboard and mouse support, I'm all in!)

BattleAxe2641d ago

Left 4 Dead 3 could be interesting with the MOVE.

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marinelife92641d ago

Once you tweak your move settings you can pwn in any fps shooter. Especially with long range assault rifles or sniper rifles.

El-Fenemeno12132641d ago

With or without the move support, I am truly looking forward to this. Had a great time playing CS in the past with my friends.

Fishy Fingers2641d ago

Mouse support is probably more useful, at least of your going to use the cross-platform with PC players.

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