Bodycount Demo Impressions (ObnoxiousGamer)

Hey Codemasters what is this!? Seriously is this a joke? The OG team agrees this game is one of the worst FPS' of all time; if this demo is finished product it's a budget wasted. There's some good ideas but the game doesn't execute them well. Leaning was a big factor in older FPS' like the Rainbow Six series but this game takes it to a whole new level. When the player aims down sight they can lean by pressing any direction, but the player can't move while doing so. Realism in shooters is a must nowadays; standing still in the middle of a battlefield is totally realistic... The games AI is either incompetent or crack shots, there's no balance. The AI will either stand still as the player walks up to them or sharp shoot the player before they have a chance to retaliate. They also throw grenades directly in the players lap forcing them to run half the time.

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RahatR2615d ago

So dissapointed to see the developers of black go down so low.

Morbius4202614d ago

Wow...and I was going to dl the demo before going to the drive-in tomorrow night. Forget it now.

ShoryukenII2615d ago

I played the demo to check if it had split screen. When I found out that it didn't, I deleted it. I'm glad I didn't play it! :p

NobleRed2615d ago

I canceled my preorder. The graphics sucked balls. The game looked like a ps2 game and the demo has horrible aliasing.

The destruction was a joke and the ai was terrible.
But that you can't move when you zoom in with your weapon is my biggest problem with this game.

joydestroy2615d ago

the zooming/half zoom was also my issue. sad that the developers of Black are actually putting this out. they could have easily just updated Black's graphics, added in the enviro shredding, new story, and new characters and it would've been an easy decision to buy this.

marioPSUC2615d ago

they should have just made a Black 2 instead of this game. Though for awhile this game looked good until the demo came out, I was actually looking forward to playing this, but not now. Sad to say but this game will probably sell poorly. Every where I go everyone is saying bad things about the demo, no one really liked it at.

marioPSUC2615d ago

you can move while zoomed in, its just they made it retarded, if you hold in the aiming trigger all the way, it does the aiming where you cant move around, if you just partially push in the trigger you can walk around and aim down the side of the gun.

And yeah the destruction was not at all what I expected. I remember them talking about the really cool destruction engine and you can destroy practically anything, and yet in the demo you can only destory a few things, most buildings you cant destroy any walls

joydestroy2615d ago

yep, i couldn't even get through the demo fully. i just feel let down. someone on the design team is gonna be let go for this.

unicron72615d ago (Edited 2615d ago )

I honestly thought I was playing something from the PS2 when I played the demo. I played for about 1 minute and shut it off. Crap to say the very least. Not only was it abysmal looking, the controls were downright terrible.

jagstatboy2615d ago

Had high hopes but the demo is lame. Such a ho-hum shooter.

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The story is too old to be commented.