Batman: Arkham City will not be a GFWL game

DSOGaming writes: "It seems that more and more PC games are moving away from GFWL. And it’s only natural since most of PC gamers are not happy with Microsoft’s service. The next one in this long list – after Skyrim – is Rocksteady’s upcoming third person action adventure game, Batman: Arkham City."

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chak_2671d ago

Nice, the GFWL made me hesitate.

No more now

koehler832671d ago

Nobody wants anything to do with GFWL. Why would any developer want to tarnish their product that way?

kharma452671d ago

I must be one of the few people who has no problem with GFWL. It's always been fine for me, never had a single issue with it.

bumnut2671d ago

Me too, I get to chat with my xbox owning friends whenever I log in.

Cross platform play would be nice though.

pipipi2671d ago

yea i really like GFWL, the only issue i had it was with bulletstorm, but it was fixed and actually the GFWL interface is pretty cool, and its also pretty cool that i can chat with my friends from xbox live too and viceversa, and the crossplatform achivements with xbox etc.
i think it is good for the honest gamers, and its bad for pirate gamers lol, and steam is really cool too.

kharma452671d ago

Yeah pretty much, I love the cross platform chat and the fact you get achievements.

As you say, only thing it's bad for is pirates :p

BrightFalls762671d ago

This is why Microsoft is not willing to be as open to Valve as Sony has been. Steam is killing GFWL, it would do the same to XBL.

If Sony were smart they would let Steam become the game client on their console, that would be a huge blow to Xbox Live.

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