VideogameUK Review: Beyond Good & Evil HD

From the review:

"Those of you familiar with the Beyond Good & Evil story will know about Pey’J and Jade, but for us that haven’t visited Hillys, the brief synopsis goes a little like this: These two pals are given a photography task to do by what appears to be a wealthy business tycoon who goes by the name of Mr De Castellenac. This mission turns out to be a test to see if you are worthy enough to become a member of the IRIS organisation, who hope to take on and hopefully overthrow the tyrants of the Alpha Quarter.

Simple enough premise from the outset then. There is a good mix of humour and decent plot, but some of it will leave you thinking that you’ve been there and done that (only this time your avatar gets to wear the t-shirt)."

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Snowii2643d ago

dident like it that much

played the demo and the graphics havent really improved

christheredhead2643d ago

well they didn't rebuild the graphics from the ground up so there wont be an improvement in that department. i have a ps2 and gamecube copy and the hd version is vastly improved. its less of a foggy, hazy sd look and more of a clear, crisp hd visualization with trophy/achievement support. if you were expecting a complete current gen overhaul then yah i can see the disappointment cause thats not what it is. for 10 dollars though its a better experience than 80% of the current gen games that get released. not sure if you've played the game at all or just that demo, but its definitely a great game that should be played.

Quagmire2643d ago

lmfao. You expected the graphics to improve?

I dont think you fully grasp the understanding of the idea "Remastered in HD"

Snowii2643d ago

try playing god of war collection

that a remaster