CD Projekt: Getting Witcher 2 To Run On The Xbox 360 Was Hard

GB: "Witcher 2 is perhaps one of the best role playing games I have played this generation. I personally reviewed the game and granted it a superb 9 out of 10. It was always rumored that CD Projekt will bringing this famed role playing game on to consoles and just before E3 they announced that it will be releasing on the Xbox 360."

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dangert122546d ago

Well congrats 360 owners I'm jealous might have to sort me out a better pc rig lol

Wizziokid2546d ago

I would love to play through this on PC, need. better.pc

Septic2546d ago

Got this on PC and it does look incredible. Great game.

gameseveryday2546d ago

Obviously, always better on the PC. I have a ATI HD Radeon 6990 and it runs like a beast.

But again if they are able to port Wicther 2 on the Xbox 360 and if the end product is any good, people will buy it regardless.

Given the fact that the devs at CDProjekt are pros...the 360 version should be a blast.

Now...where is my PS3 version :(

Wizziokid2546d ago

good question, why arn't they doing a ps3 version?

hardandsloppy2546d ago

They arent doing a ps3 version because they have a very small studio, and need to do one version at a time. They siad they might eventually make one for ps3, so i believe M$ paid them to make it a timed exclusive.

peowpeow2546d ago

With such a small studio, I'm happy that they're even trying to port to a console

awi59512546d ago

I dont think microsoft paid them off the first witcher was going to come out on xbox too but they didnt have the money to finish it. And xbox is just like a pc they dont have to do much work to port it like they do with ps3. Its the cheapest alternative for them to do a 360 version thats all. I bet sony learned this gen not to make their own custom weird development kits next time.

gamingdroid2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

***They arent doing a ps3 version because they have a very small studio, and need to do one version at a time.***

Seems reasonable.

***They siad they might eventually make one for ps3, so i believe M$ paid them to make it a timed exclusive.***

then LOL! Somehow it is exclusive so MS must have paid them!

What happened to small studio? It was lost in translation when MS was in the mix.

kingdoms2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

So you have a PC that can run this and you sort of hint that you have this on PC and you want this on PS3? LOL yeah right something isn't adding up. Its a single player game so your friends being on PSN is no excuse. Witcher is now a trilogy and part 3 is on the way while they finish the 360 version of part 2. Who has the time or resources for the PS3 version? Who's going to port it while they're so busy? LOL

"MS paid them off" Could it be they just can't be bothered by PS3 hardware? I've seen that forest level and I'd be very surprised if PS3's GPU and RAM would run that stage on the same level.

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cochise3132546d ago

Thank god I have a 360 too. I want to see if this game lives up to the hype.

bumnut2546d ago

It is a great game, my only problem is the attack and use button are the same.

This means you sometimes interact with a nearby object instead of attacking an enemy.

peowpeow2546d ago

Not possible to assign them to different buttons? :(

pr0digyZA2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Awesome game,360 guys will enjoy it, and the graphics are quite good on 360.

MOTY2546d ago

I have been hearing a lot about this game, mainly from the PC crowd. Gotta guy at work here who doesn't shut up about it. I don't have a PC rig to run this the way it was ment to be so I am going to grab this title and check it out. So far, word of mouth says it's pretty good.

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