‘Madden NFL 12′ Review [Game Rant]

With the NFL lockout behind us, it’s time to get to the good stuff: furious player trades, fantasy drafts, and best of all Madden NFL 12. Madden has been a longstanding staple — arguably the flagship — of the EA Sports lexicon for quite some time now and, as such, has struggled with providing enough new features and content to warrant a purchase by non-die-hard fans year to year.

If you’ve never played a football game or want to get back into Madden, then you definitely should check out this year’s iteration – you’d be foolish not to. But when posed with the choice of sticking with what you’ve come to appreciate or upgrading to the new hotness, that’s another issue entirely.

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kamakaz3md2642d ago

i cant stand people who rate games with a 5 point system... and i dont think the game is as bad as the score you gave it, so stick to your day job bud

GnarleySquid2642d ago

Uhhh... wouldn't reviewing games be his day job? lmao

kamakaz3md2641d ago

uhh no... lol. So if I write a review on a game its my day job? Damn, I didnt know that, I wonder where ill get my check from... maybe out of my ass hopefully. People who dont get payed to review games are simply writing there opinion. And as far as I know, I could care less about someone elses opinion. Specially when madden 12 is going to be a good game this year. And only idiots use a 5 point rating system. I think it would be better to use a 10 point. To justify and detail the score. For example I give Deus Ex 3 a 9.6/10... but im not gonna sit down and take the time to write about my opinion.

GameRant2642d ago

A troll so early in the morning? :(

ajtaormin2642d ago

"I don't think the game is as bad as the score..."

1. You don't know

2. 3.5 out of 5 is not a bad score.