Tales of Xillia is the Most Pre-ordered Tales Game Ever

Namco Bandai previously stated that Tales of Xillia was on track to set record pre-orders for the series. They have now officially confirmed that. Tales series producer Makoto Yoshizumi has confirmed via Twitter that the upcoming Tales of Xillia is immensely popular and the title is the most pre-ordered Tales game ever.

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tiffac0082638d ago

This article gives me more hope that Xillia will be localized for the English speaking fans. :)

Crystallis2638d ago

I hope so. I want to play this one bad.

vsr2637d ago

Finally Namco bandai Realized that the PS brand is the home for RPG.

How can the forgot the PS/PS2 days ?

Cablephish2638d ago

They better...

They'll probably see how Graces f does first. Then if it gets decent sales with Graces f, then we will have a good chance of seeing Xillia, even though it'll be a while.

tiffac0082638d ago

Your probably right regarding Bamco's wait and see approach with Xillia using Graces F as the barometer but I'm hoping Xillia sales explodes in Japan.

So even if Graces F is not up to Bamco's sales expectation (which is usually unrealistic) they would send Xillia over in hoping the game's momentum (because of good publicity) will carry over outside of Japan.

So here's to hoping fellas. lol!

princejb1342638d ago

is their namco own fault the tales series does bad in the US, i love the tales series but why would you release one of the better games such as tales of symphony on the wii

tarbis2638d ago

Please Bamco, stop stuffing your head in your asses and do a localization of all the Tales.

Paragon2638d ago

That's crazy! :D And I agree on localization of all the Tales games.

Omar912638d ago

thats bad its not being released in NA yet! there pre order sales will quadruple!

2638d ago