Gaming Examiner - Madden 12 Review

Gaming Examiner writes, "It’s August, it’s hot, and there’s a smell in the air. Perhaps the smell is that of barbeques and screaming kids who don’t want to return to school, but those of us who spend our summers poring over training camp reports and every little transaction know that the smell is that of football. Yes, folks, all that lockout malarkey is over and football is back! And with that, another year of Madden is also back!"

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TheShow172642d ago

Good, thorough review. I've played the demo and think it's enough to warrant the purchase. I alternate every other year with Madden and NCAA, and it's Madden's turn this year. Even though the Vikings will more than likely be bottom-dwellers...

Solidus187-SCMilk2642d ago

I havent bought a football game since NFL 2k was still around but I might buy madden this year. Im pretty excited about the NFL season and really want to play a football game this year.

Im thinking of getting a cheap PSP and madden for that as I would love to be able to play before and after classes at college, Im in my last year so I better buy a handheld soon while I still have a place to play it.