UK Batman: Arkham City Pre-Order Exclusive Adds 4 Hours of Gameplay

UK customers who preorder the game from supermarket chain Tesco will receive The Joker Carnival maps as part of their preorder bonus.

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Quagmire2638d ago

Right, more like 4 hours of gameplay which is taken away from the core game, and which could have just as easily been included with it.

Screw it, I'll wait for the GOTY edition with ALL the skins and maps.

JellyJelly2638d ago

Me too. Screw all this pre-order bonus bullcrap.

StanSmith2638d ago

Same here. With this news, this just went from day 1 to getting the GOTY edition that they will obviously release next year with all the content included for half the price.

CNXN2638d ago

Fuck waiting a year... they're fucking skins and challenge maps get over it.

josephps32638d ago

Walmart (only US right now) is $60 instead of $70 everywhere else and you also get a $10 credit only valid on their website AND you get the Game of the Year edition of Arkham Asylum. Nevermind 4 hours when you got another 15 hours with AA.

THe walmart deal is the best so far by a long shot-$10 less + $10 online credit + AA probably valued $25.

AndrewR2638d ago

Does anyone else find it funny that Zavvi have an advert on the Eurogamer article page for Batman: AC. Eurogamer advertising FAIL.

Anyway, here's an email I sent to Rocksteady upon reading this. Might sound petty bu this has annoyed me to the point I wont be buying the game, no matter how awesome it is. Vote with my wallet.

To: [email protected]
Subject: Batman: Arkham City - Tesco exclusive content
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2011 19:21:47 +0100

Hi there,

There is an article at Eurogamer ( that is suggesting that unless I pre-order the game Batman: Arkham City from Tesco, a company for which I had the delightful pleasure of being a minimum wage paid slave for five years, I will not be getting an 'exclusive' code which unlocks the Joker Carnival Challenge Map, which Eurogamer estimates is four hours of gameplay. If this is true I have just one question.

Are you taking the piss?

I don't mind missing out on character skins or the odd weapon by not pre-ordering a game from a specific company, but imagine my disgust on missing out on four hours of gameplay??? The worse thing is that this challenge map is already on the disc I will be purchasing, and that its just a code to unlock it!

I'm sorry, but this pre-order exclusive crap has gone far enough, especially since, and I state it again, it is on the disc I will be buying anyway. I don't mind purchasing additional downloadable content once the game has been released, but locking content on the disc is just conning the gamplayers out there who spend their hard earned money on your product.

Anyway, Batman: Arkham City was the game I was looking forward to the most this year, above Uncharted 3 and Legend Of Zelda, but this has left a sour taste in my mouth so I've cancelled my pre-order as I'd rather just not play the game at all now.

I hope your deal with Tesco was worth losing gamers and customers over, as I imagine I'm not the only one who will delay their purchase of this game.



Quagmire2638d ago

I dunno if its Rocksteady's fault so much as it is Warner Bros., the publishers.

Rocksteady makes the game, WB makes all the business decisions.

But hopefully they listen to you and do something abou- oh who am I kidding...