Counter-Strike: Global Campaign: First Details and Debut Trailer

Valve has about two weeks before Counter-Strike: Global Campaign announced that in the first quarter of 2012 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation appear to be third. There are now new information and a first gameplay trailer.

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ddurand12640d ago

I played the shit out of the original xbox version. Its actually the reason I got my xbox. Im a long time CS1.6 and CSS player too.

this just became my most anticipated game over BF3.

KingDustero2640d ago

No custom games on the consoles? I hope they aren't just doing cheap ports to gain more money.

I'm hoping they give console gamers the CS experience they've never been able to have yet.

I won't pass judgement on this game though until the final version is discussed. Until then I won't get hyped, but it is for sure on my radar.

Vitalogy2640d ago

"I hope they aren't just doing cheap ports to gain more money."

Right... so you really think they're making this for the sake of gaming?

If it was the case then they would simply build a CS game from the scratch and not facelift an existing and out dated one.

ddurand12640d ago

cs has already been on consoles and it was great.

were looking at pre alpha stuff in this video.

General Shrooms2640d ago

its counter strike global OFFENSIVE