The biggest Nintendo Wii U downfall - no local install for games

Recently we have seen more and more games recommend a local install for best performance, however with just 16GB of Flash storage, USB 2.0 ports and a SDHC memory card slot which supports cards of up to 32GB we don't think that the Wii U will offer this functionality. This means that load times will be determined by the optical disc drive - this is meant to be a next-gen console! We would love to hear your views on this.

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dangert122608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Deus Ex Human Revolution
was a bad example as it was optimized for HDD install every game i know of that is takes the piss to load without the install spesh halo odst.

but yeah nintendo don't do themself any favours with their restrictions.

just noticed they are having a laugh 16gb? that means (i know its not possible cause sony own the ip) but they could't fit certain gmes from this gen avalible as a downliad title on the consoles storage

modnation 19gb
dc universe 15gb + exspansions and updates...
owning a wii you will be exspensive you like
full release content digitally

gamingdroid2608d ago

I like the option to install, but don't want it mandatory. So I think this might work out for Nintendo. It also keeps the console price down as long as there is alternative options to install.

darthv722608d ago

up until the 360 got the option it wasnt a big issue. It still isnt a big issue. What nintendo does DOES NOT have to be the same as what the others do.

There are specific reason for why the other systems use either mandatory or recommended installs. We dont know how the wii-u will handle load times or if there will be a new compression technique that virtually eliminates them all together.

The whole idea of "load" is the data being put into resident memory for processing. The drive in the wii-u could be capable of matched performance to stream the data on the fly with no load.

There are so many "what if's" that people love to speculate without fully understanding the details because they havent been presented yet.

gamingdroid2608d ago

For me the main draw of the install is actually to preserve the optical drive from wear and tear. It's a mechanical part and we all know mechanical parts are the most prone to failure. That said, the laser also has a lifetime.

Most people probably don't care and for good reason.

That said, I prefer the option to choose.

Anon19742608d ago

I think the more tools available for developers the better. I'd rather have a hard drive present and have developers choose not to use it then have developers feel they need one and not have it as an option.

That being said, the lack of a local install certainly didn't seem to hurt the Wii. I'd like to see it, but I don't think the Wii-U will noticeably suffer due to it's absence.

theseeder2608d ago

If game developers are optimizing games for HDD install surely there is a reason for this. It is becoming more and more frequent, perhaps a taste of the future?

Lazyeye792607d ago

The article says that the Wii U is "next-gen", I don't know if the writer of the article or anyone else has seen the specs or heard from developers, but they all say that its just a powerful as the PS3, which is current-gen.

So this tells me that the Wii U isn't next-gen but current-gen, which is only farther validated by the fact that it might not contain a HDD or high capacity SSD.

theseeder2607d ago

well it is Nintendo's attempt at next-gen

yabhero2607d ago

Actually devs said WiiU was 50 percent more powerful with under-clocked dev kit and a custom chip from 09. Nintendo has plan to change it to a custom 2010 chip plus whatever finalization they need to do. The Wii U will be 75-200 percent more powerful than PS3. PS4 which will be slightly more powerful than PS3 is next gen so WiiU is definitely next-gen.

MakiManPR2608d ago

The more I hear about it the more I hate it

dangert122608d ago

same here it has potential ruined by stupidity from what i know so far

ChickeyCantor2608d ago

Nintendo is certainly not a fan of long loading times.
There has been no benchmarks of anything whatsoever. YET people like you 2 are just "hating", not because of the information given, simply because of the fact you want to.

How do you people figure it will be something bad while we haven't heard anything of performance at all?

dangert122608d ago

I'm just seeing and hearing things I don't like. and if nintendo really did say such things I don't get your problem

IMO this is what I believe

The Wii U pad is to big/No multi touch screen let down SD visuals on It another let down

-No DVD/BLU RAY playback

-16GB Internal Memory?...

-Why are they not Improving Wii Mote To moves diversity?

on top of that you had nintendo say It's not going to be cheap...But It don't seem to be able to do much to warrent a big price from what I have heard

ChickeyCantor2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

You say it's too big,
Have you tried it yourself?

No multitouch? These games won't be designed around multitouch, and you are disappointed why?

You say SD visuals, implying the screen quality will be low.
Have you seen it infront of you?
(And those who have said the quality is nothing to worry about).
Games should run up to 1080p by standard on your tv. The screen size of the tablet would suffice for the amount of pixels it will display.
There is no point in rendering on a certain level beyond what you can't see anyways.

16 GB?
At least it's cheaper to buy an external HDD.
I'm glad Nintendo allows external HDD, a Terrabyte isn't expensive.

"Why are they not Improving Wii Mote To moves diversity?"
Why should they? Motion+ works good enough to a certain extend, for games that is. And you are implying Move has tons of games where Nintendo will look "pale" in comparison. LOL.

"But It don't seem to be able to do much to warrent a big price from what I have heard"

What have you heard?
No one knows exactly what the specs are, no one knows how it will perform. No benchmarks are made and Developers haven't complaint about it yet.

I have read your comments before and you do NOTHING but b/tch and moan over speculations.

You don't like it? Fine, but to trash something without any merit is just ridiculous.

Voxelman2608d ago

I wouldn't say biggest downfall...

jacen1002608d ago

cant see it being that big of a problem

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