GamesCom 2011 Preview: Dark Souls - PlayDevil

PlayDevil has posted a preview from their hands-on during GamesCom 2011 of Namco Bandai's upcoming action RPG title "Dark Souls".

Here's more:

"Even mechanically Dark Souls seemed to change nothing from its forbearer with the controls mapped identically, and menus even using the same icons. One alteration came in a sense that gameplay may have been slightly faster, but this could just have easily been down to my character in Demon’s Souls being constantly weighted down by armour."

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rew1822666d ago

Issues mentioned in this preview were seen in the last game. Game slowed down tremendously on world 2-2 and I kicked around the gargoyles all throughout 3-2. I'm not worried about the game, I know it'll be great even if they don't change much. If it ain't broke don't fix it.