Prototype 2: 10 Things It Can Do To Better Its Predecessor

"Does anyone remember the Brit-pop music scene in the early 90's? (This is relevant I promise.) Two bands: Oasis and Blur, producing similar music at a similar time were endlessly compared and contrasted, to the point where each single released by the bands became an epic battle to dominate the charts. "

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maniacmayhem2667d ago

I liked the first game but one thing i wish they would have really would have explored was the stealth element. I loved turning into someone and sneaking behind enemy lines. They should have made that gameplay deeper and more full filling.

CaptainMarvelQ82667d ago

The best thing i liked in Prototype was how fast paced the game was playing with that pendejo alex mercer was quite fun.He had an arsenal of abilities at his disposal.
But tbh it got old rather quickly after finishing the game.