ZTGD | Your Game Sucks: Metal Gear Solid Edition

Derek Deebag writes: Each week when I sit down to figure out which game to tell you losers is crap, I think to myself, “Derek, why are you so awesome?” Easy answer right? Well, that is how I felt when I came up with the idea to talk about a sacred cow among gaming nerds: Metal Gear Solid.

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yourgodisdead2607d ago

At least the picture is nice, always liked those pictures in MGS4

No_Pantaloons2607d ago

Internet trolling, the new american pastime.

Kee2607d ago

Derek Deebag... Did frustrated fury write this lmao?

FrustratedFury2607d ago

Well that's not nice. I write better than this guy. ;)

Kee2607d ago

Haha, it's just you talk so fondly of your favourite commenter. :D

FrustratedFury2607d ago

I love all out comments, even if they're bad. That means they're at least reading out stuff. A person's biggest fan are the ones that hate him the most.

BigBoss072607d ago

I was actually thinking that this article was for kicks and giggles, but it was so boring all I did was kick stuff. See look, he even made my jokes suck. Not funny at all.