BlazBlue creator wants to make a music app for PS Vita

On the interview with PlayStation Vita community website, Hiroyuki Masuno told he would like to make a music app for PSVita.

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MasterCornholio2463d ago

I just love how they announce a new game or feature almost everyday for the vita. Looks like sony wasnt lying when they said they would support the hell out of the system alongside 3rd party devs.

Vita will provide me with everything that i could want from a gamming device will get it day one.

DEADEND2462d ago

That's why the wait is killing me lol, but I hope they have android app store.

MaxXAttaxX2462d ago

It's not an android device as far as we know. It'll have its own unique apps.

DEADEND2462d ago

Hey thanks for the info, hell as long as there are some cool stuff I'll be happy.

a_bro2462d ago

DJ MAX portable Please..

MaxXAttaxX2461d ago

I hope to see something like this:
The only smartphone app that has truly appealed to me.