Xploder Cheat System 2.0 has been published today for various consoles

Dtp entertainment has published today its Cheats Tool for Xbox 360, Playstation3, Nintendo DS and Wii.

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Miiikeyyy2639d ago

I remember when every PS1/PS2 game had cheats, I'd get my dad to write them down for me so I could use them

T3MPL3TON 2639d ago

Same here, I always played through a game. Then again with cheats.

The advent of achievements and such obliterated cheats, and that is a shame because some cheats can be down right awesome.

DarkTower8052639d ago

Nes (gameshark?) Had many cheats. Doing moon jumps with Mario was always fun. They were more mods than cheats though imo. Either way, it added many more hours of fun to the games back then.

T3MPL3TON 2637d ago

@Darktower805: The NES, had Game Genie and one other one, I don't think it was Gameshark, I could be wrong.
Either way.. Cheats provide so much re-playability.

Who didn't play GoldenEye 64 over and over with those built in cheats? Where would games be without the Konami code?