Dragon Age 3 will 'surprise and delight,' promises BioWare

Next instalment to be "best of breed" marriage of Origins and II, says Muzyka

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koehler832550d ago

You mean, it may be good? *gasp*

Jreca2550d ago

I don't think so... If it has to be "best of breed" marriage, there's no way to obtain a good one. Trust me.

evrfighter2550d ago

so who are they talkin to?

their core fans or the fans that want to just pick up an rpg and not have to use their brain?

they've been catering to the brainless crowd lately so I believe this question is legit

Blacktric2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

"they've been catering to the brainless crowd lately so I believe this question is legit"

So you like the recent products from Bioware then?

BrightFalls762550d ago

I know I'm in the extreme minority on this but I really enjoyed the second game a lot. I'm looking forward to the next installment in the series.

joydestroy2550d ago

i enjoyed it but i didn't play it for very long. i got to the second act and haven't touched it since. once Witcher2 came out, it was all over lol.

i'll likely revisit it eventually though and beat it.

John Kratos2550d ago

I did beat DA2 but I have to agree Witcher 2 stomped it in the nutsack.

Rashonality2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

Taking your time before announcing it will help us regain confident in you and that you are not rushing it like the second one.

CommonCent2550d ago

We will be surprised that it will no longer play like a RPG. They think we will be delighted to know its a TPS now.

GameZenith2550d ago

Bioware has made it clear that they no longer want to be in the RPG making industry cause as they put it, it is becoming "less relevant".

PeZuS2550d ago

Yeah I guess everybody should just start making FPS's now and then that'll be the only genre to play.

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