Veteran weapon confirmed for Battlefield 3

Another tasty tweet from DICE’s Alan Kertz today concerning Battlefield 3. When asked if World War 2 or veteran weapons would be in the game, here’s what Kertz had to say:

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Drjft2665d ago

Really well written story. All two lines of it. -_-

narked2665d ago

so what do you think the weapon is?

I'm opting for full-auto Gustav with unlimited ammo and no reload.... you can never have enough of spamming people with rpgs right ? :/

jon12342665d ago

alien blaster from fallout would be nice

Ricardoportillo042665d ago

Ray gun, wanderwaffe, thundergun

killa916062665d ago

G11? Im serious, it would be sweet in Battlefield 3 with 2- 3 Shot bursts killing somebody.

OdinFallen2665d ago

The G11, IMO, is one of the single dumbest and worthless weapons ever.

Swiggins2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

^ This

People don't realize that the G11 for all intents and purposes was a shit weapon IRL.

There's a reason it was discontinued...

The Ballistics on it were near impossible to get right, they never could get the firepower they wanted, and it was crazy expensive.

In reality caseless rounds have almost ZERO benefits over regular rounds.

In short, To Hell with the G11, I'd rather have a Tommy Gun.

Anti-Fanboyer2665d ago

Breaking News: There's weapons in Battlefield 3- Behold!

ATi_Elite2665d ago

I hope they DO NOT use the veteran weapons format that i've seen in battlefield play4free where they just take a weapon and give it a slightly larger mag and hit power points!

Then they will do this again with Elite but in reality they are just gimping the standard weapon!
Also they routinely come out with new guns and gimp the old ones!

Hopefully BF3 Veteran weapons will be some special weapon you receive when you reach a certain level!

I would like to see the vss vintorez, L85A1 rifle, Striker

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The story is too old to be commented.