Halo 4 Warthog in Forza 4

Eurogamer: "The Warthog vehicle design to be used in Halo 4 is buried deep within upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive racing game Forza 4. It's viewable in Forza 4's "Autovista" mode, Wired reports. Images are below."

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dark-hollow2671d ago

Lol it would be sweet if you could drive it too.

wwm0nkey2671d ago

You can :)

Heard about this back in E3 and its a driveable car in the game lol

StanLee2671d ago

Great fan service. You a few Halo fanboys who aren't even fan of racing games will run out and buy Forza 4 just for this.

darthv722671d ago

scorpion tank so i can drive over anything.

Ok...lets hope they dont take this to another level and make a full on "kart" racing game for halo. Even though racing against banshees and warthogs could actually be kind of fun.

StifflerK2671d ago

Wow , really?

That's pretty cool!

kingdoms2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

Watch it cost 100,000,000 cr after you reach level 150 lol

Forza 4 just sold an extra 3 million because of this.

I wonder if the fuel cans are just cosmetic in Halo 4. I can't wait to hear this thing run. That bad boy looks fresh off of the assembly line. Is that some sort of future,future spotlight system over the windshield or a weapon?

lochdoun2671d ago (Edited 2671d ago )

This is amazing, hurray for first party collaborations!
EA's Shift will never have this in their game. haha

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The story is too old to be commented.