Resistance dev can 'keep pushing PS3'

Current-gen hardware still has more to give, argues Insomniac

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Prcko2640d ago

ofc,and that's why we don't need new gen!

dark-hollow2640d ago

Come on! How much can you squeeze the ps3. a 2006 tech?

The ps3 is ancient Tech by now, you need new hardware to ACTUALLY improve the graphics above and beyond what we see now.

Come on, don't you want to see GOW IV in all the new ps4 glory?
Don't you want to be blown away just like you did the first time you played killzone 2?

nickjkl2640d ago

because idk you dont run a game as well as it could be on your first game theres a reason why we had a jump from uncharted to uncharted 2 infamous to infamous 2

and that is optimization there could be a another jump from infamous 2 if sucker punch created another one for ps3 since they said they were govering around 60 percent with infamous 2

you on the other hand would rather jump from system to system as soon as some new hardware comes out i think you would be better off on pc where you cna upgrade your graphics card when ever you want to get any kind of jump in graphics you want

me since i have a console id rather see every dev at least attempt to make there games push the system but not every dev does this they would rather just run the game on the system and if they hardware it self cant meet what they are trying o do they just complain about the hardware instead of looking at there software

zeeshan2640d ago

I kinda agree with you dark-hollow. Tech moves too fast and I'd LOVE to see what PS4 would be able to achieve if PS3 can produce such high quality graphice. Having said that, I however believe that devs can tweak their games even more. Remember how some of the best looking PS2 games came out late in PS2 lifecycle?

Devs have now hopefully understood PS3 more than ever before and if they say that they can do even better then that's a great thing! Look at the difference between Uncharted 1 and then Uncharted 2 and now Uncharted 3. Many people will argue that there ain't a huge difference in between U2 and U3 but to me, there is a considerable amount of difference there. Naughty Dogs have done an absolutely mind blowing job with Uncharted 3 imagine what they'll be able to do with PS4! That's why I'd love to see a new console announcement but that doesn't mean that SONY will not support PS3.

Would I buy PS4 day one? I hardly think so especially if it is priced at $599 or $499. Price it $399 or $349... that gentlemen will be a totally different story! :)

dark-hollow2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

So you suggest the next gen should be delayed till every developer max out the current consoles???

uncharted 3, killzone 3 and GOW III already showed us a supreme demonstration of what the machine is capable of.
If, and that a BIG if, there was any major update in graphics, the developer will be forced to cut some corners.

Decreasing the enemies on screen, low textures with high amounts of blur etc.
If you love infamous 2 just imagine what they could do with infamous 3 if it was released for the ps4.

Probably 100+GB blue ray disk which allow for massive landscapes.
Full hd running at solid 60fps with high res textures.
More advanced AI and more high detailed enemies on the screen.
Massive draw distance. Etc.

dangert122640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

well said- bubbles
how do you only have two bubbles?

@dark hallow
he never said till every dev maxes the ps3 just til more start taking advantage of what it does well...I do honestly think the place suited for you is steam etc you only mentioned 3 games you think take true advantage of the ps3 which is sort of correct and why i want more from this gen

Army_of_Darkness2640d ago

I'm still a fan of 2006 tech:D

SephirothX212640d ago

We've had some amazng graphics this gen so far but yet ai is not at the level it should be in most games. Ai should be improved as a priority. Therefore, devs put the emphasis on ai rather than graphics. If you want fancy graphics, go outside and look up at the sky.

dark-hollow2640d ago

I get what you saying and I understand why some people want this gen to last a lil bit longer.

For me, am totally ready for next gen. Better looking games are always welcomed but totally upgraded graphics is more welcomed!

dredgewalker2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )


The only thing people want out of the new console generation is better graphics. This console generation indeed has its graphics potential (almost) maxed out, what hasn't been maxed out is the potential for better game design. Also this is the time where you can see the real great developers come out and make great games with limited hardware. Even a master artist can make works of art with just left over lunch :) the way I'm referring to Picasso if you're wondering who did it.

Christopher2640d ago

***Come on, don't you want to see GOW IV in all the new ps4 glory?
Don't you want to be blown away just like you did the first time you played killzone 2?***

I'm very content with this generation of graphics.

As for the future, I don't want to pay a lot for it and I don't want to see the cost of games increase more than they are now.

darthv722640d ago

you bastards! Dont prolong the next gen any more. I need my true super ultra high def fix with new ps4/720 hardware.

The other day it was stated that the ps4 will come out when devs have maxed it out. Just say you maxed it out already so we can move on to something mind blowing.

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starchild2640d ago

Yes, that's why their game is sub-HD.

If there is so much more to get out of the PS3 then why don't they make Resistance 3 run at 60fps? Why don't they at least make it run at 720p resolution?

Every piece of hardware can always be pushed more, but there is a limit to what can realistically be achieved.

RedDead2640d ago

This^^^It's silly what they're claiming and they aren't even pushing any boundaries compared to the others.

beavis4play2640d ago

well, i see we have someone else blathering on about 60 fps in games that DON'T NEED IT. only games with speed will show off the benefits of 60fps. as for resistence being sub HD? the game isn't out yet - and all of the gameplay vids i've seen look gorgeous.

there's a reason why you 2 have 1 bubble.....think about it.

bumnut2640d ago

All games benefit from higher framerates.

jdfoster2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Resistance 3 IS running at 60fps.... (I think)

MOTY2640d ago

@ beavis4play

I agree with you. There are plenty of games that are under a 720p resolution and yet still look great. You are also right again about 60fps only being noticable with fast, quick moving motions.

However what is not making any sense is for Insomniac to be saying that the PS3 can be pushed even further yet they are bringing a game that is under 720p resolution and is running under 60fps. Why are they saying that the PS3 can be pushed further but not really trying to make the attempt to do it? It's like they are just leaving it up to the other developers such as Naughty Dog and Guerrilla games to push the hardware while they sit back and make a game that has 1 colour pallet and is not on the same graphical level as many other titles at this stage in gaming on these consoles?

I think Insomniac are vetran developers and know what they are doing. R1 to me was a better game than R2, but R2 did look better imo than R1. What I don't understand is that why is R3 so boring to look at. So much brown and yellow while R2 had so much more colour.

Well my fingers are crossed for Insomniac. I am liking what they are doing with their new IP.

LNDCalling2640d ago

@starchild You could say the same for any Dev, take Naughty Dog for example, why did they release Uncharted: Drake's Fortune like they did when graphics like Uncharted 2/3 were possible?...

BECAUSE.. it takes time to refine their current engine and the same revision applies to each updated engine.. Its a learning process that takes time and that goes on every day, with every game dev's will learn something that will assist in future productions, engine refinement etc!

Ju2640d ago

First, I haven't played the R3 campaign, yet. Beta, yes, but not the campaign.

That said, we (at least I) would want to hold off before I make a judgement on R3s visuals.

What the videos show, though, R3 is heavily improved over R2. While it looses resolution, the details, lightning, physics (wind!), I would even say AI, animation is way above what R2 was.

So, yes, you can improve. It is not all in the resolution and framerate. And, well, stable 30fps will do for me.

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Gray-Fox-Type02640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

well we didnt see anything special graphically from resistance 1-3 lol just look at killzone 3 resistance visual become a joke.

Lazy_Sunday2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

...did you know that smoking cigarettes can in fact cause cancer? Yes, and did you know that Resistance 3 isn't running at 1280x720p natively, but 960x704p?
They can keep pushing more out of it because they still have:
1) The ability to reduce the resolution so the game continues to look crappier and crappier and...
2) Space on that blu-ray disc.
They're using space and CPU protocols versus GPU protocols, and that leaves plenty of room to push more textures and objects on screen. However, the GPU is outdated and needs to lower the resolution considerably so that it only runs in sub-HD. By pushing more out of it, they reduce the resolution and texture quality on screen until they can't drop it anymore without reducing clarity, which is at 600p. Games at 1080p on console aren't really 1080p. They're just rendering the polys at 1080p, but the textures remain at whatever quality they are by default.

These consoles aren't capable of any more, stop deluding yourselves, we need a new damn generation. What the hell are they putting in your water?

The more you know :D

SilentNegotiator2640d ago

Insomniac obviously can't. Resistance 3's beta is REALLY ugly. Give Resistance to a more talented developer.

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Wizziokid2640d ago

great keep on pushing until this gen is done :)

The Meerkat2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

Like Sisyphus pushing a boulder.

OllieBoy2640d ago

I believe them. Anyone seen the latest R3 videos?

Best looking FPS on the PS3 imo.

dark-hollow2640d ago

Killzone 2/3 is way better IMO, and it's 720p

SilentNegotiator2640d ago

"I believe them. Anyone seen the latest R3 videos?"

Have you played the beta? It's a mess. Sub-HD, ghosting out the rear, lag and framerate drops working in tandem to make moments of unplayablity....

It's a definite downgrade from Resistance 2.

galgor2640d ago

Pah. Insomniac might be able to keep pushing it because they haven't reached the levels that Guerilla & Naughty Dog have.

There's not much life left in the PS3 for groundbreaking new graphics. PS4 next year hopefully.

Ju2640d ago

It doesn't have to better and better. If all (!) games can actually deliver those visuals in the next 2-3 years to come, I am good with that. We can start focusing on gameplay, finally.

Father Murder X2640d ago

Here we go again with another on of these............

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