NfamousGamers - Tales from the Battlefield: Laguna Presa Conquest

Arcee " Last time we were here, I talked about my experience at Arica Harbor on the American side of Conquest mode in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Today, while still in the same game and same mode, I want to tell you about something that happened earlier that almost caught me by surprise. Remember that I had told you all that I am not necessarily the best player in the game? I’m not – I have a long way to go before I am on the level of a lot of players in these games. That being said, I was surprised to find out that at the end of the round earlier, I ended up being the Ace Player for that round."

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detroitmademe2640d ago

I hate this map& I hate snipers 2 but thats another story.Taking control of objective A is a bitch,I almost always get sniped,that being said I havent fully memorized the map&found all the sniper spots yet.

Arcee2640d ago

From my time playing, I can tell you that I have found 5 near the Russian base and 4 near the US base with two more spots in between the Objectives Triangle in this map. Find those and you can always eliminate those pesky snipers. Not that I am helping my cause in any way by telling you that...

detroitmademe2638d ago

thnx man,im catching onto this map slowly but surely