Borderlands 2: 'Split-Screen Key To Borderlands Popularity' - Gearbox

NowGamer: Gamers still want to play co-op on one TV says Gearbox.

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Tired2585d ago

It was the reason I bought it in the first place...well worth it.

I hope they can do split screen online.

SuperKing2585d ago

Local split-screen rocks. MW3 knows it and that's one of the reasons why people buy COD in droves.

Hectic_Kris2585d ago

"I hope they can do split screen online"

This has been confirmed can't wait!

Drano2585d ago

Yeah, at last a Studio that recognizes the absurdity of being able to play with anybody in the world except the one sitting next to you in the living room.

Getting this game... maybe not Day 1, 'cause life's expensive, but I'm getting it.

chadachada1232583d ago

I loved split-screen, but PLEASE make menus viewable in split screen for Borderlands 2.