What separates Battlefield from Call of Duty? "It's fun to lose" - DICE

OXM UK: "A complaint often levelled at the Modern Warfare series is that while nothing quite gets you a-bubble with glee like Killstreaking another team to rubble, nothing quite gets you gnawing the controller like being on the receiving end of said Killstreaking. Under EA and DICE, the Battlefield series is taking a less divisive approach, ensuring that even brutalised players have something to smile about."

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ATi_Elite2664d ago

I know DICE has made a real quality product but it's never fun to lose! That's bullcrap you tell kids who don't know better. I could go 20-1 but if my team looses I am PISSED OFF and my mic is muted while i scream my head off!!

But if i go 9-11 and we win well then I'm happy and talking shite!
Victory by any means necessary and It's only fun when your winning!!

iamnsuperman2664d ago

I still have fun either way. Unless I just keep dying easily but I do not get pissed of I just get bored and go do something else. I find there is no need to get pissed off. Its a game that has no impact on my life.

malol2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

as much as i love BF and DICE
but thts BS
like in BCs for example i hate being placed in a noob team where we get ass raped

or we lose all of our M-coms at once because of freakin C4 running around douche-bags

no losing is not fun
if anything
BF is more intense and engaging that it'll just make you flip the fuck out
i mean i was literally screaming at my screen when im losing an some fu*k face stabs me and take my togtag !!!

no DICE losing is not fun

i agree but you still feel bad cause all your hard work went for almost NOthing :\

evrfighter2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

if you're going 20-1 and losing it just means your kills are meaningless non game changers. just you pickin off the stragglers.

the guys that are 20-15 are the real game changers. They will more than likely be the ones carrying your team. and are the guys I usually clash with when a firefight is goin down.

no love for the guy going 20-1 who I once never killed and never once killed me in that round. just means he was off camping a corner somewhere

ArchangelMike2664d ago

Dude go play some BC2.

When you have a team that works well together, and you and your squad are defending the very last MCoM station while the enemy's tickers steadily count down to zero. Then just at the last minute, the station gets destroyed, adn your team loses.

Thing is, because your team worked well together throughout the match (and you end up with a whole bunch of 'pins' and medals - you come out thinking - "what a great match"!

xYLeinen2664d ago

Know the feeling.. bubble..

ATi_Elite2664d ago

@ ArchangelMike
yeh that's so true!

as long as we worked together as a team then yeh i still have fun win or loose especially when the match is close.

The last few rounds of Red Orchestra Osfront 41-45 my team totally fell apart and got stomped and i was playing that and writing on N4G between rounds so that's were my frustration came from.

superrey192664d ago

Definitely agree. Funnest moments are when my friend and I are desperately trying to hold a flag by ourselves and with no backup. We know we're gonna lose it, but we give 'em hell till they do >:D

Septic2664d ago

I play to win too. Any means necessary (except hacking ofc).

I'm no stranger to raging but I never rage quit. Oh no.

ATi_Elite2664d ago

Yeh i never rage quit but man i go ballistic when i realize i'm getting hammered to death by the same Jet or helicopter meanwhile some idiot is trying to snipe foot solders with the AA gun! WTF!

then you go the whole round without seeing one Ammo or med kit dropped although your screaming into the mic or spamming team chat with "MEDIC" "AMMO PLEASE"

At this point i can only laugh and shake my head and prepare to be further ridiculed with the DEFEAT BANNER!!

Aw man that know what i mean!

chak_2664d ago

I think you should take pills if you're that angry loosing.

I'm not pleased either, but if the game was good then it's ok.

Everyboy prefer to win, but with a good battle defeat can be softer :)

CrimsonEngage2664d ago

It's a game. Don't take it so seriously. So what if you team loses. You can get revenge the next game. :)

I'v been in many BF matches where the skill level on the teams are even and the matches are close as all hell. If the other team wins props to them and damn good game. I can understand losing because the teams are stacked with all level 50's against a team of low levels but i just leave and find another game. :3

gamingdroid2664d ago

So now Dice is talking smack about the competition too?

***You might make more money on the hotdog," Bach added, in a tacit admission that Call of Duty's sales crown is likely to remain the property of Call of Duty, at least for the moment. "But why would I want to work making hotdogs? If it's only for the money, is it really worth it? We wouldn't make Battlefield it couldn't be the game that we're building."***

I guess they belong just fine with EA.

Lazy_Sunday2664d ago

Because then I have actually met a challenge.

Then I must destroy... DESTROY!

egidem2664d ago

The way you put it sounds as if winning is the only objective, or the only thing to be happy about. I don't agree with that fully. You could lose and say: "Ah, we lost. But shit that was one hell of a good match!". (WHICH is what Battlefield is good at making you do).

The situation that I see when you lose and find it quite infuriating is when you are playing in a team full of people who don't want to cooperate or are simply being douchebags. For example if you join a Rush match as an attacker and find out that your team already has about 6 recons, all sitting on one hill, just snipping away. The team is already heavily unbalanced. That team is probably going to lose; and when it does, odds are you will not be happy about it.

Now on the other hand if you are defenders on the very last mcom on a map like Arica Harbor and you are playing as a medic, reviving people as they get killed and keep on giving them support at the same time trying your best to defend; until the enemy kills you, arms the mcom station and it blows up just as their attack was going to be zero. You will lose but you will be happy knowing that you gave your absolute best and that you supported your teammates and gave attackers a really tough time.

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dirigiblebill2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Some of my best Battlefield matches - in fact, best team multiplayer matches period - have come about when I'm losing. There's a great full-steam-ahead-and-damn-the- torpedoes mentality that sets in when you know you're stuffed.

ArchangelMike2664d ago

EA really laying on the smack talk thick and fast. But yeah BF3 will undoubtedly have more depth thatn MW3.

theonlylolking2664d ago

MW3 will destroy BF3. Bf3 is just like BF2 except with pretty graphics. MW3 is almost completely different than MW2 and that might make it suck VERY badly or be VERY good.

dark-hollow2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

What separate bf3 from cod?
In cod, one player could literary win the game even though his team is crappy.
Battlefield you gotta get at least 5 good players to have a chance at winning the match.
Battlefield rewards supporters and medics that actually you may get higher score than the one who is killing by only supporting your team.
Cod is a bunch of lone wolves. How many times you dropped with your last stand pro, waiting for someone to revive you, but nobody will gave a shit!

detroitmademe2664d ago

Imo playing as a team is kool sometimes but I dont think u should b forced to if u dont want to.I think thats something CoD gets right.I wouldnt mind if BF3 allowed for more lonewolf style gameplay,or if there was a game mode 4 it.

MidnytRain2664d ago

Lone wolves are main cause of defeat in BFBC2. If you're not with a squad, you are fairly useless compared to the rest of your team.

detroitmademe2664d ago

i dont like to lose at all,but the most frustrating losses n BFBC2 r getting spawn killed the whole round.Lately it seems like it happens far 2 often.

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