Counter-Strike: GO - Crossplatform Play Officially Confirmed

DSOGaming writes: "There have been various reports in the past few days about Valve aiming for cross-platform play but we can now confirm that the title will indeed offer cross-platform play between PS3 and PC. Yeap, it's official everyone as it was revealed in the first trailer of Counter-Strike: GO that the game will actually feature it."

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slinky1234562666d ago

Glad to have another steam works enabled game on PS3.

disturbing_flame2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Valve is doing great with Sony. This partnership is good for both of them. They've done the best choice to chose to work together.
It's like the first time i read a FPS will be playable for both PC and console players, for people it doesn't maybe mean nothing, for me it's like seeing an impossible thing happens.
It shows a clear orientation for gaming in the future, a more global media platform, very dynamic with less and less restrictions in terms of compatibility.

Peppy la Moca2666d ago

This isn't the first time cross-platform play has been in an FPS. It was done with Shadowrun on the Xbox 360 around its launch. Granted it was a Microsoft-published game.

ATi_Elite2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

Boy i can't wait for this to come out so I can brutally rape, own, bury, pillage, sodomize, and just flat out defecate on some consolers!!!!

but then again theres no fun in that.....that's like Mike Tyson beating up a crippled toddler...just no challenge or fun at all especially seeing how most consolers swear by the controller and would forgo the KB/M!

WarPonyDestroyer2666d ago

Digital Mouse vs aim assist!

Who will prevail????

raztad2666d ago

Well, everybody is expecting PC owners to own console players on the basis of a accurate and lagless Mouse, lets see if that turns out that way. I'm gonna get the game just because Valve is supporting the PS3 fantastically. PS3 MOVE player here, I'll die a lot but will make sure to take some PC players with me to hell. Just for the fun of it. Hope Valve keeps data about the performance of the different controllers.

One last thing, as someone said bellow this game has to be 60fps all across the board. Otherwise 30fps players dont stand a single chance.

radphil2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

"Well, everybody is expecting PC owners to own console players on the basis of a accurate and lagless Mouse, lets see if that turns out that way."

It did for Shadowrun.

Then again at the same time, there wasn't anything like KB&M or MOVE style support at the game's release.

Wizziokid2666d ago

great to hear but console vs PC? that would be a one way battle imo

nice to see valve using steam more on PS3 too

Ja555on2666d ago

I'm not saying your wrong but lets just wait and see what happens when it's released

Wizziokid2666d ago

yeah i mean I'm not saying console gamers won't stand a chance but when it comes to accuracy the PC will own. then again the PS3 will support keyboard and mouse so from that respect it's anyones game again

Ja555on2666d ago

Maybe having a mouse will give an advantage but I play BFBC2 on PS3 and I like to think I'm pretty good at it and so I find it hard to imagine that I wouldn't stand a chance against somebody just because they are using a mouse

Cenobia2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )


I'm not sure if you are aware of this, but most console games have a bit of aim assist added to even things out. I usually turn it off anyway, but it is on by default. I'm sure the console version of CS might have that option, but gamepad users will never be able to check corners as fast, or turn around to return fire as fast as PC users.

I hope cross platform is an option in the game.

Ja555on2666d ago

BFBC2 doesn't have aim assist, and when my sensitivity is on full (It always is) there would not be much difference in turn speed, and of course it's cross-platform, that's the title of this article!

ATi_Elite2665d ago

Consolers will be slaughtered like cattle at a meat factory!! Most consolers swear by the controller which in itself is a handicap.

Typical consoler "I love sitting on the couch gaming on the TV"
well my friend that couch will be your burial ground when you start playing against PC Gamers!

plus many PC Gamers like myself play on 3 screens which adds Peripheral Vision to FPS and that gives an even bigger advantage of being able to see more of the battlefield.

Dedicated Network Interface Card (minimizes Lag and prioritizes game data)
Mechanical Keyboards and Digital Mouse (Dead eye precision)
Peripheral Vision (see more of the field)
Monitors with 2ms refresh rates (allows quicker input from user)

Consoler: wireless controller but without the auto aim on a 5ms TV using standard on board Ethernet card in console!

I'm just sayen!!

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Newtype2666d ago Show
tdrules2666d ago

If console version of Counter Strike is any lower than 60fps they don't stand a chance against PC.

ATi_Elite2666d ago (Edited 2666d ago )

even if the frame rate was 100 fps they still don't stand a chance PERIOD

Most consolers have been playing COD too much and have been dumb down. Counter Strike is hardcore and all about skill.

Luckily you will be placed in games with those of similar skill levels as a way to make it fair to Newbies.

iamnsuperman2666d ago

It will be at least a little fairer with PS3 users able to use keyboard and Mouse.

birdy9662666d ago

even if the frame rate was would still look like 60 anyway.....

user8586212666d ago

controller vs mouse? lol good luck with that

Agent_hitman2666d ago

PS3 will have mouse and keyboard support confirmed

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