Xbox 360 price has to drop

Digital Life: It is certainly no accident that the PlayStation 3's price cuts, which went into effect last Monday, put the PS3's pricing toe-to-toe with the Xbox 360's. It is a deliberate marketing strategy by Sony to erode the advantage the Xbox has traditionally held over the PS3. With the Xbox losing the price advantage it has held since launch, its sales will definitely suffer as a result.

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iamnsuperman2642d ago

The most iteresting point in this article for me is this:

The real clincher for many people, though, will be almost five years of being told that the PS3 is the expensive, premium console. Why was it so expensive? Well, it had that Blu-ray drive in it, so it was a high-definition movie player as well as a game console. Don't forgot that, to many shoppers, a higher price denotes higher quality, and maybe even someone who doesn't know much about game consoles would have heard about the Xbox's notorious "red ring of death".

The writers has a point. One of the reason Apple sell well (along with the image) is the price. To the average consumer price means quality. Why do expensive HDMI cables sell well. Its the price. Now we have the blu-ray player that was expensive but cheap now it is going to look good.

BlackKnight2641d ago

Which is pretty sad how ignorant the masses are. Especially the HDMI example. HDMI is digital signal, so the image will look just as superb on shitty copper as it would on pure gold cables...

darthv722641d ago

it doesnt "have" to drop. Many would like it to but it has surpassed their original estimates for success. Every mfg has a goal they would like to achieve in the eyes of their shareholders. MS reached that basically when it passed what the original install base was for the first xbox.

Sony on the other hand HAD to lower the price because of their two previous performers are still way out there. Ultimately sony wants to at least match what they sold on their first try (PS1).

MS will lower the price when they feel it is appropriate. They would actually gain more from bundling in games than lower the price. If there is something they would lower the price on it would be kinect. The stand alone unit at $99 would be a big holiday winner.

CrimsonEngage2642d ago

A brand new 360 is $400. A new Wii is $99. Wtf Microsoft. Your hardware is old, there is no way it should cost that much.

LightofDarkness2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Did you hit your head and gain selective vision? It's $199 for a 4GB console, which more than suits the needs of most 360 gamers.

And isn't the Wii like $129-$149 new?

andibandit2642d ago


after how many beers, did you spot these prices?

Tired2642d ago

The article comes from an australian site. One could assume that price is australian $'s.

Did you engage your brain before attacking the previous poster?

LightofDarkness2641d ago

Even then, a quick internet search reveals that a 250GB 360 Slim with Rugby 2011 can be had for $289AU, while a new Wii on Game is $199. Whatever way you shake it, the man is still wrong.

Tired2641d ago

Prices in the UK can differ for the same console by as much as £100...that's $155 AUD.

He could still be accurate in his statement. Australia is also huge...shipping becomes a massive and expensive problem.

Maybe he didn't want a rugby game. What are the prices for other bundles.

Whatever way you shake it oyu made an assumtion that was erronious and you attacked him based on misinformation.

TyrionL2641d ago (Edited 2641d ago )

@ hawkboi
You are so obviously Crimson coming to your own rescue. No he is completely dead f$%king wrong no matter what way you slice it.

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AO1JMM2642d ago

Does it really? I already own a 360 so I truely do not care.

Kurt Russell2642d ago

I do too, but if the price dropped I may be tempted to upgrade for the quieter model.

_Aarix_2641d ago

When my brother bought on I couldn't even tell its on.

gameman2642d ago

well the 360 one point of strength against the ps3 was it's cheaper price and if both reach to the same price tag the people will buy the p s3 and Microsoft knows that for a fact very well as we have seen thru out this generation every time Sony drop the price Microsoft will fallow right away the thing is it's really funny if they'r going to drop the price how much are they going to drop they are already in 200$ price tag if the drop it to 150$ this is really great but i don't think it will push the sales that much the best way or Microsoft to counter sony is it to give quality games which kinda hard for them now really their first party games are only two or three games vs 20 or 30 + games from sony not to mention they are milking that cow that's called halo they are going to realse halo TWICE IN LESS THAN A YEAR AGAIN in 2012 (and they did it first 2009 with halo wars and halo OSDT)

i think for them the best was is to move to a new system if they can't do anything right now

haymoza2642d ago

blah, I remember when I was the only user with a C.Viper avatar.

KonaBro2642d ago

but how much would Microsoft have to undercut on their projected profit in order to enact a price cut? That's the real question.

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