Game rage? Where is the fun in that?

Times: The subject of "gamer rage" came up the other day when I was chatting with a few of my coworkers. If you've spent any amount of time playing video games, you know what I'm talking about: maybe you've finally managed to raise your player in NCAA Football 12 into a true Heisman hopeful, and everything has come full circle as you work your way to the Rose Bowl in the fourth year—and then the computer, which almost always manages to pull off seemingly impossible throws and sacks, does just that and completely screws you over. And then your controller winds up across the room.

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DFogz2664d ago

I've been playing a lot of Mortal Kombat online recently, and oh boy! So much rage from other gamers on there.
I've never gotten so many nasty messages from people in my life lol

marioPSUC2664d ago

If you're raging at a game, just calm down and realize its just a video game. Though there are some times Im playing a game on a harder difficulty and some really cheap crap by the AI happens and I get mad. But if you're always raging at a game (hear ALOT of it in COD) then you have a problem.

I play games for fun and so I can just relax and just play around in games, not to sit there and give myself a headache by screaming at the TV at other players for killing me